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Hi guys
I'm looking for information on torpey for my family tree if anyone could help out please?
My great great grandfather who was Matthew moloney married a lady called Anna collins from clare Mount o callaghan mills. If you have any information on this and
Anna collins family came from scariff and are called torpey. That is all the information I have and I'm looking to know who was Anna collins mother father siblings etc. And the line of torpeys and who is beyond that
Anna and Matthew moloney had a daughter called Katie moloney married curtin in clonlea in kilkishen. Who would be my great grandmother. Thanks so much jackie.


Tuesday 14th Sep 2021, 12:30PM

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  • Hello Jackie,

    I’m not really sure if I understand the connection between Anna Collins and the Torpey family when you mentioned the “Collins family came from Scarriff and are called Torpey.”

    Was Anna’s mother’s maiden name Torpey? If not what is the connection?

    Concerning other records, I found the civil registration marriage transcription for Matthew Molony and Anne Collins at the free website, which shows the marriage took place in the Roman Catholic Chapel of O’Callaghan’s Mills on 13 February 1872.

    At the time of marriage Matthew and Anne were of “full” age. Matthew had been a bachelor and Anne a spinster. Matthew’s occupation is Farmer. His residence at the time of marriage looks like, “Caherbaue,” but I could not find a townland in County Clare by this name. The marriage record also shows that Matthew’s father was a farmer named James Moloney.

    The marriage record further shows that Anne Collins was also a farmer and that her residence at the time of marriage was Claremount. Her father was a farmer named William Collins.

    The priest who married Matthew and Anne looks like Edward Flynn. One of the witnesses to the marriage was Pat McGrath. The name of the second witness was Margaret Arkins.

    I also looked for but could not find the O’Callaghan’s Mills Catholic Church marriage record for Matthew and Anne at the free National Library of Ireland website.

    The Catholic Church in O’Callaghan’s Mills is called St. Patrick’s, and according to Wikipedia, St. Patrick’s opened in 1840. See:

    Looking at old Ordnance Survey Map from 1842, it looks like there was an O’Callaghan’s Mills Old Chapel, replaced by an O’Callaghan’s Mills new Chapel. The map from the GeoHive website is attached.

    Also see the attached Ordnance Survey Map from 1842 of the Old and New Chapels at O’Callaghan’s Mills, accessed from the Clare County Library.

    A Google Map shows that St. Patrick’s Church is 7/10th of a mile from the center of O’Callaghan’s Mills:

    For a Google Street View of St. Patrick’s Church, see:

    For Google Street Views of O’Callaghan’s Mills, go to the following links: and

    A Google Map shows that Claremount is 2.1 miles southeast of “O’Callaghansmills” and a little less from St. Patrick’s Church:

    For a Google Street View of Claremount, go to:

    Irish marriages traditionally take place in the bride’s parish, which means that there is the possibility that Anne Collins was baptized in St. Patrick’s Church, O’Callaghan’s Mills.

    Having been married in 1872 I figured that Anne Collins was in her late teens or in her 20s when she married, which means she could have been born sometime in the 1840s early to mid-1850s.

    I went to the National Library of Ireland website to see how far back in the O’Callaghan’s Mills Catholic baptisms and marriages are available. I found that baptisms are available beginning on 4 January 1836 to 25 February 1881. Marriages are available from 14 January 1835 to 1 March 1881.

    To see the availability of the O’Callaghan’s Mills Catholic Parish baptisms and marriages, and to view a map of the O’Callaghan’s Mills Catholic Parish, go to the National Library of Ireland website link at:

    The biggest piece of information I had about Anne in looking for her baptism record, was that her father was William Collins. Because the O’Callaghan’s Mills Catholic baptisms go back to the year 1836, I thought there was a chance of finding her baptism.

    I initially looked for her baptism transcription at the Find My Past (FMP) website. I found only one transcription for an Anne Collins baptism, whose father was William. This may be the Anne Collins you are looking for.

    The transcription shows the baptism took place in the O’Callaghan’s Mills Catholic Parish on 12 December 1847. Her mother is Mary Mulqueeny. You’ll have to establish a free account at Find My Past to access the baptism transcription at:

    Attached to the FMP transcription is a link that will bring you to a copy of the original baptism register where Anne’s baptism is recorded. Go to:

    There are two facing pages of the baptism register. You can enlarge the register by means of round icons in the upper center/ right of the screen. The icons are white with green backgrounds. You can also access the full-screen function by clicking on the last icon on the right with the two arrows pointing northeast and southwest.

    The baptism for Anne is the 5th entry up from the bottom of the left-hand page.

    The baptism entry is all on one line and can be a challenge to read. I’ve transcribed it below using my own punctuation:

    12. Anne, William Collins, Mary Mulqueeny, Edmond Boland & Margt Boland, Clarmnt.

    The number 12 before Anne’s name refers to December 12. The godparents are Edmond and Margaret Boland.

    The clergyman who recorded the baptism wrote that the residence of Anne and her parents was “Clarmnt,” which is the abbreviation for Claremount.

    Going back to the FMP website, I wanted to see if I could locate the O’Callaghan’s Mills baptisms for any of Anne’s brothers and sister. I located seven more FMP baptism transcriptions.

    The names and years of baptisms of these children are below. I’ve also included the Baptism of Anne so you can see the full chronology of the baptisms:

    First name not transcribed Collens, 1840
    William Collins, 1843
    Anne Collins, 1847
    Thomas Collins, 1850
    Michael Collins, 1853
    Mary Collins, 1856
    Patt Collins, 1859
    Cathrine Collins, 1861

    To save time and space I’ve bypassed the FMP transcriptions for the above-named children, and have gone directly to the O’Callaghan Mills baptism registers from the National Library of Ireland.


    As far as I could determine the 1840 baptism of the “Collens” child is the 8th entry up from the bottom of the left-hand register page at:

    Portions of the baptism register are in shadow, while the page also includes what look like ink spots blocking the wording.

    The name of this Collins child looks like Teady, or maybe Leady, though I can’t really tell. Also, a portion of the mother Mary’s maiden name, Mulqueeny, is covered in what looks like ink spots. The names of the godparents could be Dan Mulqueeny and Catherine Collins. The word after Catherine Collins looks like “Duras,” which would be the residence of William, Mary, and their child.

    I couldn’t find Duras by that spelling on a map of County Clare, but did locate it on a map, which shows it is south of “O’callaghansmills,” on the northwestern shore of Doon Lough. See the map at:

    Once the map appears drag it down a little and you’ll the location of O’Callaghansmills.

    A Google Map shows the same area northwest of Doon Lough is 1.8 miles south of St. Patrick’s Church in O’Callaghan’s Mills:

    This Doorus on Doon Lough, should not be confused with another County Clare townland called Doorus about 9.5 miles west, as shown in the following Google Map:


    William was baptized on 12 March 1843. His baptism is the 6th entry below the March subheading on the right-hand register page at:

    His father is Wil Collins. His mother is Mary Mulquen. The godfather is Patt Mulquen. The first name of the godmother looks like Honer. I couldn’t tell what her last name was. It looks like the name of the town where the Collins family lived was Claremount, but the word Claremount extends past the edge of the page in the image.

    Anne was baptized in 1847 after William


    Thomas was baptized on 12 July 1850. His baptism is the 2nd entry below the July subheading on the left-hand register page at the following:

    The July subheading can be a challenge to locate on the page.

    The godparents are Pat Murphy and Margaret Mulqueeny. No town of residence of the Collins family is recorded in the baptism record.


    Michael was baptized on 22 February 1853. His baptism is the first entry at the top of the right-hand baptism register page at:

    Michael’s godfather is “Michl” (Michael) Coughlan. The first name of his godmother is “Margt,” (Margaret), but I couldn’t make out her last name. At the time of the baptism the Collins family were living in Claremount.


    Mary’s baptism took place on 1 July 1856. A copy of her original baptism record is the first entry below the July subheading on the right-hand register page at:

    Mary’s godparents look like Patt Pepard and Margaret Pepard. The baptism record also shows that Mary and her parents were living in Claremount.


    The 29 July 1859 baptism for Patt Collins is the last entry on the right-hand register page at:

    The name of the godfather looks like it is James McMahon. The first name of Patrick’s godmother is Mary, but I couldn’t tell what her last name was. The Collins family were living in Claremount at the time of the baptism.


    Cathrine was baptized on 5 November 1861. Her baptism is the 4th entry down from the right-hand register page at:

    Cathrine’s godparents are Daniel McNamara and Judy White. The Collins were living in Claremount at the time of the baptism.


    Earlier in this reply you saw that the O’Callaghan’s Mills Catholic marriage records begin on 14 January 1835. I next looked for the parish marriage transcription for William Collins and Mary Mulqueeny, and found it at the FMP website.

    William and Mary were married on 7 February 1837. At the time of marriage the transcription notes that the residence of William and Mary was the townland Killuran, which is also the name of the Civil Parish that the Catholic Parish of O’Callaghan’s Mills is situated in. See the FMP transcription at:

    I’ve attached a copy of the original O’Callaghan’s Mills marriage register to the reply. The marriage for William and Mary is located in the center of the register.

    Mary’s name is just below William’s name in the left column. The next column to the right shows they were both living in Killuran at the time of marriage.

    The column to the right of the residence shows the names of the witnesses present at the wedding. They are Michl Mulqueeny, and below him, Patk Mason. The column to the right of the witnesses show they were also living in Killuran.

    A Google Map shows that Killuran is 2.1 miles from St. Patrick’s Church in O’Callaghan’s Mills:

    For a Google Street View of Killuran, go to:


    Your information and Anne Collins’s marriage record shows that she was from Claremount. The marriage record also shows that her father was William Collins, a farmer.

    I looked for William Collins in an Irish property tax record known as Griffiths Valuation, to see if he was recorded in Claremount.

    Griffiths Valuation was enumerated in the 32 counties of Ireland between 1847 and 1864. The valuation for Claremount and surrounding townlands in the Civil Parish of Killuran was completed by the year 1855.

    Unlike a census, Griffiths Valuation did not enumerate individual members of a family, such as husband, wife, and children in a household residence. Those named in the valuation were individuals who paid to lease property, such as land, houses, and outbuildings. Each person who paid to lease the property was called an “Occupier.” The other person listed in Griffiths Valuation was the person who owned the property, or who worked as the middleman collecting the rent on Gale Day for the owner. This middleman was called the “Immediate Lessor.”

    You can access Griffiths Valuation transcriptions and original copies for free at the Ask About Ireland website link at:

    I found that William Collins is recorded in Griffiths Valuation in Claremount, Civil Parish of leasing over 10 acres of land, a house, and offices from an Immediate Lessor named the Rev. William Going. The land was valued at 7 Pounds and 10 shillings. The house and offices were valued at 1 Pound. The total valuation for the land, house, and offices was 8 Pounds and 10 Shillings. William Collins would have paid a percentage of the value toward the tax.

    An office in a Griffiths Valuation record could be any type of outbuilding, such as a barn, stable, blacksmith shop, cowshed, piggeries, etc.

    The Griffiths Valuation for William Collinsin Claremount is attached to this reply. His name is to the right of the number/letter combination 6a. 6a is a reference point on a Griffiths Valuation Ordnance Survey Map of Claremount, showing where William’s lease was located.

    I accessed the Griffiths Valuation Map of Claremount from the Ask About Ireland website, and you can clearly see the location of William’s house and land at map reference 6a. The map is attached to this reply. William’s daughter Anna may have been born in the house you see represented on the map.


    Earlier in this reply you saw the 1840 O’Callaghan’s Mills baptism for a Collins child whose first name looks like Teady or Leady, but I couldn’t really be sure what the first name of the child was.

    The child’s godparents appeared to be Dan Mulqueeny and Catherine Collins.

    I found Daniel Mulqueeny leasing land in common with two other Occupiers in Griffiths Valuation in the townland of Doorus, Killuran Civil Parish. The valuation is attached, and shows that Daniel Mulqueeny, John Cooney, and Patrick Peppard leased at total of 141 Acres, 1 Rood, and 8 Perches of land, as well as individual houses and offices from Immediate Lessors, Sir Hugh D. Massey, Bt (Baronet), and John Cooney. In this instance, John Cooney was not only an Occupier but also the Immediate Lessor for the property of Daniel Mulqueeny and Patrick Peppard.

    The valuation shows their land at Map Reference 1a, 1b, and 1c. Daniel Mulqueeny’s’s lease is at 1b.

    The three men each leased a third of the over 141 acres. The value for each of their share of the property was 9 Pounds and 5 shillings. The value of their individual houses and offices came to 15 Shillings each. The total value of the property for each man was 10 Pounds.

    In the 1856 baptism of Mary Collins you saw that her godfather was “Patt Pepard.” I believe this would be the same Patrick Peppard recorded in Griffiths Valuation.

    The valuation for Doorus as well as Claremount was completed by 1855.

    I found Map Reference 1 on the Griffiths Valuation Map, which shows that the land the three men leased took almost half of Doorus on the western side of the townland. The map is attached to this reply.

    Daniel Mulqueeny may have been Mary’s brother, but it is impossible to say exactly what his relationship to Mary was.

    Another attached Griffiths Valuation Map, with a wider view of the area, shows the location of Doon Lough just south of Doorus. You can enlarge the image for a better view of the map.


    Matthew Moloney’s 1872 marriage record shows that his father was James.

    I looked for Matthew Moloney’s FMP baptism transcription in the O’Callaghan’s Mills Catholic Parish registers for the 1830s, 1840s, and 1850s, and found only one record for a Matthew Moloney whose father was James.

    The transcription shows that Matthew was baptized on 7 June 1837.

    His mother is Bridget, with no maiden name recorded for her in the transcription:

    A copy of Matthew’s original baptism record is the 4th entry down from the top of the right-hand baptism register page at the following link:

    The maiden name of Matthew’s mother is recorded in the baptism record, but I couldn’t make out what it was. The name of the godfather is John Ryan. The name of the godmother looks like Anne Hogan. The name of the townland where Matthew and his parents were living is also recorded, but I couldn’t make out what that was either.

    I can’t be sure if the baptism is for the Matthew Moloney who would go on to marry Anne Collins in 1872. If it is, Matthew would have been 35 years old at the time of marriage.


    Just to recap, what is Anna Collins’s connection to the Torpey family? Her baptism record, and the baptism records of her seven siblings do not show any godparents whose last name was Torpey.

    Her mother Mary’s maiden name was Mulqueeny, but I couldn’t find a connection between the names Mulqueeny and Torpey either.

    Best Wishes,

    Dave Boylan

    National Library of Ireland
    GeoHive Ordnance Survey Maps
    Clare County Library
    Google Maps
    Google Street Views
    Ask About Ireland
    Ask About Ireland/Griffiths Valuation
    Ask About Ireland/Griffiths Valuation Map


    Wednesday 22nd Sep 2021, 06:00PM
  • Hi Jackie:  

    Thank you for your post to the Ireland XO message board.

     I am the Tulla volunteer for the programme and I know of the family that you are researching.  If you would please email me directly at: our group of volunteers may be able to help you.  

    Our group resides in the local area and we have local information which will assist you.  

    All the best,  


    Tulla Clare, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Thursday 23rd Sep 2021, 06:02AM
  • Hi Dave

    Thank you so much for this information its gold dust.
    I really appreciate all your help you did a great job. Well done thanks a million.

    It was written down Anna collins mother maiden name was torpey from scariff.
    We have a mass card Teresa tess torpey died 12th September 2001 in corbally limerick and thats all info we have.
    So maybe it is wrong information.
    Anna collins baptism witnesses Edmonds boland and Margaret boland were they related to matthew or Anna?

    Matthew father James moloney we have Bridget morissey down for his wife who was his father and mother ? And who was her mother and father names?
    Anna collins father William collins do you know who his father and mother maiden name is?

    Matthew and Anna collins daughter Catherine curtin married a John curtin from kileen kikishen Co clare March 5th 1880
    John curtin mother was Mary wall and father Martin curtin and his father was Patrick curtin and Ann maley we have down
    We are looking for info to see if that name is correct Ann maley and if so what was her mother maiden name and Patrick curtins mother maiden and father name.

    Mary wall parents are John wall and Mary hickey we are looking for both there parents names and maiden names if possible

    Thanks so much for all your help


    Thursday 23rd Sep 2021, 07:32PM
  • Dave

    Just to also add in I have a form here from America belong to my grand aunt Mary curtin . She had to be taken in by someone I was told when going to america. The information wrote down is Michael collins 165 cricket Ardmore pennsylvania . Mary curtin was 27 and he was down as her 2nd cousin.
    Would it be Thomas Collins that you found son?Do you know any information on where this fits into the family thanks


    Thursday 23rd Sep 2021, 08:31PM
  • Hello Jackie,

    Many thanks for your reply and kind words.

    Jane, the Tulla volunteer for Ireland Reaching Out may be able to answer questions you have, as she and the other group of volunteers are local to the area, whereas I'm not from Tulla, or County Clare.

    Please email Jane at:

    Thank you again,



    Friday 24th Sep 2021, 08:32PM
  • Dave

    Thanks so much again I can't thank you enough


    Saturday 25th Sep 2021, 07:21PM
  • You're very welcome Jackie.

    All the Best with your continued research.



    Monday 27th Sep 2021, 01:55AM

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