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Trim Assizes 1801


According to her convict records, my ancestor Bridget Byrne was tried at Trim County Meath in August 1801 and sentenced to transportation for life. I am trying to find either a record from the Assizes or a newspaper report about them to see what she was convicted of (and possibly find out more information about her). She was tried in Trim, but I've seen no record that indicates where she was born or lived. I also don't know if Byrne was her married name or maiden name, and don't know if she had a family already when she was transported (she started one in Australia anyway)

I have been searching the Irish Newspaper Archive online looking for a report in the Freemans Journal from 1801 on the Trim Co Meath Assizes held on 17th August 1801. I have found the following reports of assizes from the following editions of the Freemans Journal:

Freemans Journal Aug 18 – Armagh Assizes report from 7 August

Freemans Journal Aug 20 – Cork Assizes report from 10 August

Freemans Journal Aug 20 – Monaghan Assizes report from 13 August

In the Freemans Journal from Aug 29 – it seems like page 3 is missing – I suspect it is underneath the scan of page 4. I’m wondering whether a check of the hard copy int he National Library might turn up the missing report on the Trim Assizes?

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could organise this?

Kind Regards

Brett Maron

Canberra, Australia


Monday 9th April 2018, 03:58AM

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