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Trudy heffron

Hello ,my family name is heffron ,I don't know much about where my family oriented from ,but the name comes from "the little demons " which is interesting,and any relatives or cousin's or any news about this would be great xx


Sunday 29th December 2019, 08:51PM

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  • Trudy, an unusual name, (Heffron not Trudy) searched Grifftihs Valuation (1848 to 1864) there are only 16 of the name listed, in Mayo; King's County now Offaly and Waterford which is nearest to Kilkenny.

    You need to go back as far as you can, and get a date and name etc if possible parents names or one parent and we can search, it appears to be an easy enough name to research, if you are in the USA maybe a death record or headstone might assist, also religion helps in what church records to look at or to see if they exist, post 1864 Irish civil records are free online at Irish Genealogy.



    St Peters Louth

    Sunday 26th January 2020, 11:51PM