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I'm really hoping someone might have some knowledge about the following:-

Edmund Whitaker (on his death certificate Edward Whittaker) was born in Bacup, Lancashire in 1795. He spent over 23 years in the military and was stationed in Dublin in 1839 but his association with Ireland goes back much earlier. His partner was named Margaret but her surname could be Donough, Donohoe, O'Donoghue, Whitaker or McGuinness. She was born in 1805 in Ireland. On every official document her name is different. I am hoping that McGuinness is a bit of a red herring as when her son James converts to Catholicism in 1876 at New Ross, Wexford her name is listed as McGuinness but I'm hoping that her son either didnt know her maiden name or misremembered it. All the others are very close in spelling and I know Margaret was illiterate so this doesnt seem so strange that they are all slightly different. I have her listed as Margaret Whitaker in the 1841 and 51 Census in England but this is these are the only times she is recorded as such. I have spent a number of years trying to find a marriage certificate in both England and Ireland and I am beginning to think they may never have married at all.

Edmund and Margaret were parents to James (b. 1825) Margaret Ann (b. 1832) Edmund (b. 1833) Elizabeth (b. 1839). All of these children were born in Ireland. I can only find Elizabeth's baptism on 19 April 1839 at St Patrick's Cork also the year Edmund senior is discharged from the army and I know the family were back in Rossendale, Lancashire by 1841. The couple had a further two children John Munn (b. 1844) and James (b. 1848) in Rossendale. 

Both Edmund and Margaret are listed as tailor and tailoress respectively on the census documents.

At some point after 1851 the couple return to Ireland. Their youngest son goes with them and possibly Margaret Ann and Elizabeth. I find James in 1876 as I've said and again when he marries Teresa Ellen Byrne on 4 September 1877 at New Ross, Wexford. He goes on to work for the tramways and spends the remainder of his life in Dublin South.

Edmund Senior, a Chelsea Pensioner, dies in Lanesboro, Longford on 25 November 1873 under the name Edward Whittaker. He is listed as married but there is no further information on Margaret.

I have no idea of why they returned to Ireland permanently nor do I know if they went together. I also do not know why Edmund was in Lanesboro unless he had some connection to it perhaps through Margaret's family?

I have been told by a Longford Council Archivist that Edmund is likely buried in St John's Churchyard on the outskirts of Lanesboro(ugh).

If anyone has any informtion they can add or assist me in any way to further my research that would be wonderful and obviously very helpful:)





Tuesday 20th July 2021, 07:53AM

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