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Hi there


I am trying to obtain the birth certificates of my Irish grandparents but the information I have is incomplete. 


Currently the information I have is: their first and second names (no middle names), approximate years of birth - 1917 in case of grandfather and 1925 in case of grandmother. I also believe that both of them were most likely born in co. Mayo - but this is not certain.


I have never dealt with the GRO in Ireland before. Can anyone advise on the likelihood of success of finding these two birth certs based on the above information? And are there any ways that I might increase the likelihood of a successful outcome? 

Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 01:48PM

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  • Kindlly provide their names and any other identifying info so that we might be able to assist you. Thanks.


    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 02:16PM
  • [UPDATE: I have just noticed that multiple advertisements are being inserted within this post. Hopefully that won't cause confusion as to the information I have provided. In particular, this post includes name, approx DoB and possible county of birth of both my grandparents]

    Thanks Patricia, please see the details I have below (I note that both are deceased). As an aside, note that for privacy reasons, I will delete this information once this thread discussion is complete - as I would prefer that my efforts to obtain these records are not publicly available. I hope that will be OK. 


    The details I have are: 



    name - Elizabeth Staunton (nee Duffy)

    Year of Birth - 1926 << this is approximate

    Place of Birth - I believe it is likely to have been Co.Mayo (possibly Knockmore) but I am not certain



     name - Michael Staunton

    Year of Birth - 1917 << this is approximate

    Place of Birth - Must likely Co.Mayo but I am not certain


    Any assistance or advice is appreciated. 

    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 02:42PM
  • Hello,

    Any more info about Michael? His parents' names? His children's names (in order)?

    Any idea what month he was born in?

    Asking all this because there are several Michael Staunton/Stantons in the records.


    Elizabeth Duffy's birth is not available in the "open" records; you would have to apply to the GRO for it.


    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 02:55PM
  • Childrens' names (ordered oldest to youngest) are: 

    Carmel Mary Staunton

    Michael Staunton (will call him junior to distinguish)

    Marie Staunton


    But note that these three children were all born in the UK, not Ireland. 


    Also, if it assists, I note that Michael Staunton (senior) died in Bonniconlon co. Mayo in December 2003. 


    Unfortunately I don't believe I have any information besides this. 



    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 03:00PM
  • You can find Irish death records at the free site  There are several Michael Stauntons in the time period in which you are looking. Hopefully you can narrow the records down to the correct one.


    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 06:35PM
  • You can see the death notice for Eliz Duffy Staunton here:


    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 06:40PM
  • Above reference to Irish death records at have said BIRTH records.


    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 11:29PM
  • Many thanks Patricia 

    I have found an entry that may relate to my grandfather, but I can't be certain: 

    Name    Michael Staunton
    Date of Birth    15 February 1917
    Sex    Male
    Place of Birth    Carrowbeg, Ayle, Westport, Co. Mayo

    In my original post, I neglected to mention my grandfather had links to the town of westport - and I believe there is family still living there today ...  so the fact that this entry lists Westport is a positive signal. Although I am not certain he was born there. 

    As an aside, my reason for wanting to track down the correct birth certificate is that I want to apply for Irish Citizenship by Descent ... and so it will be important for me to include the correct birth certificate in my application .. 

    I note as well, that the register I have found gives potentially useful information about his parents - including their names, occupations, and mother's maiden name (Sammon in this case). 

    And since I also know some details about my grandfather during the latter part of his life -- such as his final place of residence and the date he died, I am wondering if there might be any governmental departments I could contact who might have on record, and be able to share, details that would include my grandfather's parents' names (including mother's maiden name) ... And if these provided details match those on the above birth record, then I could be confident I have found the right one. 

    I am thinking of the governmental department that deals with pensions, and/or maybe the Health Service Executive (HSE) ... Do you think this is a plausible avenue for me to explore? Or otherwise, please let me know if you have any other ideas about how I could verify that the above record is the correct one. 

    Sunday 14th Apr 2024, 08:18AM
  • Hi,

    Have you seen your grandfather's marriage record? Does it name his parents, or at least his father? That would help.

    Also, on his death certificate, does it give a witness?--if it was a brother or sister, that would be a lead.

    Have you found an obituary or death notice for him?  Sometimes parents are named; also siblings.

    Perhaps having his birth record you might now locate his baptismal record, which of course would name his parents.

    I've no experience with pension records or the HSE.  Perhaps another volunteer has and can address this. My guess is that HSE records are private.

    Hoping this helps!


    Sunday 14th Apr 2024, 03:13PM
  • Here is a baptismal record for Patrick Stanton, son of Catherine Salmon and Edward Stanton, of Carrowbeg, the same townland as the Michael you found.


    Name:Patrick Stanton

    Date of Birth:15-Feb-1914

     Date of Baptism:17-Feb-1914

    Address: Carrowbeg

    Parish/District: Islandeady RC parish


    CountyCo. Mayo

    Denomination:Roman Catholic

    Father:Edward Stanton

    Mother:Catherine Salmon


    Sponsor 1 /Informant 1:Mathew Reidy
    Sponsor 2 /Informant 2:Catherine Salmon

    Notes: from


    Sunday 14th Apr 2024, 03:19PM
  • Attached Files

    Attached is a civil marriage record for Edward Staunton and Katie Sammon.




    Tuesday 16th Apr 2024, 02:28PM
  • Hi Patricia and Carolyn 


    Many thanks for the details above. 

    I have now managed to locate the birth certificate for my grandmother, Elizabeth Staunton (nee Duffy), and I believe this will be sufficient for my goal of Irish Citizenship by Descent. 

    I expect I will look further into my grandfather's records as a matter of interest though - and the information you have provided will assist me in this. 


    Kind regards


    Saturday 20th Apr 2024, 01:42PM

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