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I am pursuing the possibility that there is a connection between my family and two individuals who lived in Dublin in the 1840s.

One is Patrick Rafter, who was involved in the Chartist movement and by 1842 was Chair of the Irish Universal Suffrage Association. He wrote letters from the address 12 Trinity Place in Dublin. He was listed in the Dublin city directories as a shoemaker, first at 43 Montgomery in 1836 and then at 44 Montgomery in 1837. I am hoping he might be the same Patrick Rafter who later appears in the town of Callan in 1846, also listed as a shoemaker.

The second individual is Thomas Michael Rafter, who lived at 44 Montgomery in 1836 and 1837 (when Patrick Rafter either lived next door or at the same address). Thomas Michael Rafter lived at 44 Montgomery also in 1838 but then moved to 12 Trinity Place, where the Chartist letters were written from. He continued to live at 12 Trinity Place (but Patrick is never listed again after 1837) until he died in 1881. His occupation is stated sometimes as professor of ornamental writing, then later as civil engineer and lithographer. I was able to find some of his family members living in Dublin into the 20th century.

I would be most grateful if anyone knows anything about either of these two individuals, or could point me to any helpful resources.

My entire research on my own ancestor, Patrick Henry Rafter, 1833-1870, can be found here:

Sharon Olson
Lawrenceville, New Jersey, US



Thursday 18th June 2020, 03:07PM