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Visiting Ireland in May, Looking for Robbins Families of Counties Offaly and Westmeath

I am looking to connect with any descendants of the Robbins families of the Counties of Westmeath and Offaly. I can trace my Robbins ancestors back to County Galway, but DNA tests appear to indicate that the Robbins Family originated near Clara, County Offaly and branched out from there. I have completed quite a bit of research for all three counties and hope to be able to link my family with those of Offaly and Westmeath. The following is a link to a map I created to show the Robbins families I have identified so far. The map is color-coordinated with blue markers representing Robbins families in Westmeath and Offaly, orange for those in County Galway, and green for autosomal matches in County Galway that I am trying to link with the Robbins families of that county.

I have a Y-DNA match with a descendant of Owen Robbins (born before 1783) of Cloonymurrikin, County Westmeath and several autosomal matches with a descendant of Garrett Robbins (born 1755) of Kilmanaghan, County Offaly. I will be visiting Ireland in May and am very interested to pursue the leads that I have found. I have been putting together a list of burial grounds and graveyards to visit and have been able to find a list for County Offaly, including the burial site of Garrett Robbins in Kilmanaghan (, but haven’t been able to find a listing for those in County Westmeath. Does anyone know of a listing of graveyards for County Westmeath, particularly any graveyards near Clooneymurrikin, County Westmeath? I know a Michael Robbins of Cloonymurrikin died in 1887 and I am trying to find where he was buried, I believe his brother was William Robbins who married Margaret Tracy in the parish of Clara/Horseleap in 1832. Any help or further recommendations with regards to any aspect of family research would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from anyone connected to any of these families, and am more than willing to help with any of their research needs.


Saturday 9th March 2019, 09:30PM

Message Board Replies

  • Dear Brady:


    I have forwarded your query to several volunteers in the areas of interest and they will reply with further information in the next week or so.

    The very best of luck with your research and I hope that you have a wonderful trip.

    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 13th March 2019, 09:50AM