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Do I have any living relatives related to Warmingtons still living in Armagh?

My Great Grandfather: Gibson Warmington birth 24 Dec 1842 • Tullyvallen, Armagh Parish, Armagh, Northern Ireland.  Gibson married Alice Grace ?? in Scotland and moved to Chicago in late 1860s where my grandfather was born.  Gibson Warmington was a stone cutter.  The Warmington business burned in the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.  Gibson moved to Faribault, MN where he was the building contractor for a beautiful building on the National Registry of Historic Places on the campus of Shattuck Academy.

My Great, Great Grandfather: James Warmington died 27 Jan 1894 • Armagh Parish, Armagh, Northern Ireland


I would love to meet any family that remained in Armagh and did not move to the USA..  I believe that would be descendants of my great aunt:

Jane Warmington birth 1853 • Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton, Armagh, Ireland; death 5 Oct 1937 • Armaghbrague, Armagh, Northern Ireland Jane Warmington married Alexander Cornett on 7 Apr 1870 • Newtownhamilton 2nd Presbyterian Church Armagh Ireland;  According to census, the family lived 31 March 1901 • Armahague, Armagh, Ireland and 2 April 1911 • Armaghbrague, Armagh, Ireland; Children: son, Thomas Cornett born 8 Sep 1871 • Cladybeg, Armagh, Ireland; son, Samuel 10 Aug 1877 • Armaghbrague, Armagh, Ireland; died 14 Sep 1877 • Ireland; son, John Alexander Cornett born 7 Jul 1875 • Keady, Armagh, Ireland; daughter, Margaret Cornett born 4 Oct 1878 • Armaghbrague, Armagh, Ireland; son Samuel born 5 Jun 1881 • Armaghbrague, Armagh, Ireland, died 1951; son Joseph birth 8 Feb 1884 • Armaghbreague, Armagh, Ireland; son Robert birth 16 Oct 1886 • Armaghbrague, Armagh, Ireland; daughter Sarah Jane birth 27 Jun 1891 • Armaghbrague, Armagh, Ireland, died 18 Feb 1894 • Armagh, Ireland; Eliza Jane birth10 Mar 1896 • Armaghbrague, Armagh, Ireland

Will you be able to help me?  Thank you.  Kaye


Friday 26th June 2020, 04:30AM

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  • Kaye,

    This looks to be Thomas in 1911 living in Aughnagurgan. He married Eliza Jane Haslett in 1896:

    This looks to be John who had married Charlotte Leahy in 1911:

    Possibly Samuel in 1911:

    Possibly Robert in 1911:

    It’s not IRO policy to give out details of living persons but there are 2 or 3 Corbetts in the current local phone book in the Armaghbrague area (postcode BT35).

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 26th June 2020, 07:01AM
  • Elwyn, 

    Thank you for your speedy reply and the information.  Hopefully someday we'll be able to travel again.  I'd love to see where my great grandfather Gibson was born and where my great great grandfather James died.

    Wishing you well,



    Friday 26th June 2020, 05:40PM
  • Hi Elwyn,  

    I have a couple of additional questions:

    1) My great grandfather Gibson Warmington was born in Armagh, Ireland on 24 Dec 1842 to James and Alice Warmington as noted in family records (handwritten letter).  Where might I find a link to document his birth and baptismal certificates?

    2) Gibson's father, James Warmington, a farmer, died 27 Jan. 1894 in Tullyvallen, Arm. Ire. which I have documented by a will read on 4 July 1894 after the death of James.  I am interested where James might be buried so I might visit his grave or the church where James and his family attended.  Where might I find a link to his death and burial information? 

    Thank you for your help in getting me around these roadblocks in my family research.  

    May you be safe, may you be well,

    Kaye Campbell


    Sunday 5th July 2020, 07:55PM
  • Kaye,

    You won’t get a birth certificate for Gibson as they weren’t introduced in Ireland till 1864. Finding a baptism depends on identifying Gibson’s precise denomination and on the relevant records still existing. You haven’t said what denomination he was but looking at the 1901 census of Armagh the only Warmingtons in the county were either Church of Ireland or Presbyterian.

    You say Gibson was born in Tullyvallen. The Church of Ireland records for the period you need were destroyed in the 1922 fire in Dublin and there’s nothing earlier than the 1870s now. There are several Presbyterian churches in the area. Clarkesbridge has baptisms from 1822 onwards, 1st Newtownhamilton has baptisms from 1833, 2nd Newtownhamilton from 1823. Tullyvallen Presbyterian church has no records for that period. 1st Newtownhamilton’s records are still held by the Minister, the other records can be found in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast when it re-opens.

    Searching the census I did notice these Warmingtons in Tullyvallen in 1901. Thomas was Church of Ireland. His occupation “pensioner” usually means he served in the army or navy.

    William Warmington married Maria Allen in 1875 and his father was John Warmington, farmer.

    The ages make them possible siblings to Gibson. They were all Church of Ireland (which means there will be no baptism records).

    I noticed these probate abstracts relating to Warmingtons of Tullyvallen:

    The Will of James Warmington late of Tullyvallen County Armagh Farmer who died 27 January 1894 at same place was proved at Armagh by William Warmington of Newtownhamilton Grocer and David Crage of Camlymacullagh (Newtownhamilton) Farmer both in said County the Executors.

    The above will is on the PRONI wills site and mentions sons Joseph & William and daughters Sarah & Margaret all of whom were "in different parts of the world.”

    Warmington Joseph of Tullyvallen Newtownhamilton county Armagh retired farmer died 26 August 1957 Probate Belfast 26 November to Joseph Carleton Warmington veterinary surgeon and Ian Hamilton civil servant. Effects £771 1s. 4d.

    The Will of William Warmington late of Newtownhamilton County Armagh Farmer and Baker who died 11 June 1895 at same place was proved at Armagh by Elizabeth M'Fadden of Carlingford County Louth Widow the sole Executrix.

    The above will is also on-line and mentions his farm in Tullyvallen.

    If you have Gibson’s death certificate, or his Scottish marriage certificate to Alice Grace then you should have his parents names. That may enable you to link to one or more of these families.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 6th July 2020, 07:54AM
  • Here are all the Warmingtons farming in the Armagh area in 1830/1832 (taken from the tithe applotment records):

    Warmington, James-- Townland: Ballier Year: 1832-Lisnadill-Armagh
    Warmington, James-- Townland: Ballybrawley Year: 1832-Lisnadill-Armagh
    Warmington, John-- Townland: Tullyvallon Hamilton Year: 1830-Newtownhamilton- Armagh
    Warmington, Joseph-- Townland: Ballier Year: 1832-Lisnadill-Armagh
    Warmington, Joseph-- Townland: Tullyvallon Hamilton Year: 1830-Newtownhamilton- Armagh
    Warmington, Widow - Townland: Tullyvallon Hamilton Year: 1830-Newtownhamilton- Armagh

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 6th July 2020, 06:12PM
  • Thanks Elwyn.  You are extremely helpful and very thorough.  I appreciate all the information.  

    I do have Gibson's death certificate which unfortunately only lists his mother's first name "Alice" with no surname. I shall proceed with your suggestion to contact the Scottish Presbyterian church where Gibson Warmington married Agnes Carr.  

    You have given me many new leads to break down the roadblock of finding Gibson's baptism record.  I have much to process.  I am grateful for all your assistance.  



    Saturday 11th July 2020, 04:27PM
  • Kaye,

    Anyone who married after 1855 in Scotland ought to be on the Scotlandspeople site but I cannot see any marriage for Gibson & Alice at all. Could they have married in the US?

    James Warmington’s death in Tullyvallen aged 96:

    No death for Alice so she probably died before 1864 when death registration started.

    Here’s a Catherine who was a “pensioner’s widow” so her husband was probably in the army or navy.

    A John Warmington died 1881 aged 83. Of an age to be a brother to James:

    Hugh died 1891 aged 68, so presumably a son on of one of the older Warmingtons.

    Sarah died 1892, farmer’s widow:

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 12th July 2020, 10:58AM
  • Dear Kaye,

    My late Granny Mary was born a Cornett. Her father was John Cornett of Tullyvallen, Armagh.

    While we are not direct/blood relations, we are related by marriage. Your great aunt Jane Warmington married Alexander Cornett, who was my grandmother's first cousin twice removed. Of course, there's a possibility that we might be directly related a generation or two further back. My family history research on the Cornett side often shows siblings/cousins marrying each other in the small farminhg communities of Armagh.

    I'd be delighted to exchange family photos/stories, and see if we can help each other with family history research.



    Sunday 21st February 2021, 10:18AM
  • Dear Jenny, 

    I'm delighted to correspond with a Warmington family researcher in Ireland. 

    The easiest way for me and my cousins to exchange family photos and stories with you is on a private Facebook group called Gibson and Edith Warmington Family History.  My son and I started the group about a year ago.  We have some very active historians in the family who contribute research, stories, photos and organize reunions in this group.  Anyone is welcome to join the FB group by answering how they are related to Warmingtons and agreeing to be kind to one another;-)      

    The direct line to the group is 

    Some of the Warmingtons have found connections with new relatives through DNA testing.  I know this isn't as common to do outside the US, but I'm curious if you or any of the Warmington family in Ireland might have done DNA testing with a family genealogy company like Ancestry or 23&Me?  

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,



    Monday 22nd February 2021, 11:21AM