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Where exactly is Dunarlin County, Kerry Ireland looking for Bowler ancestors

Since I visted Ireland in 2016, I have done more research on my ancestors and have found that my grandfather; Patrick J Bowler was born in Dunurlin County Kerry Ireland in 1892.  He died in Holyoke, Massachusetts (United States) October 26 1953

His parents where James R Bowler and Mary (Cavanaugh) Bowler

I believe he had a brother, Richard and 3 sisters Mary, Bridget and Margaret.   His sister Bridget was listed as Bridget Kane living in Ireland in 1953.  Would like to know more details on his siblings and parents. 

I do expect to go back to Ireland and some point and would like to visit the area but would like more specifics on this area. 






Barbara Begley

Sunday 18th August 2019, 02:55PM

Message Board Replies

  • Dear Miriam  Thanks so much for this information.  But I'm on confused.  I have a copy of my grandfather's (Patrick J Bowler) obituary and it states that his father was James and his mother was Mary (Cavenaugh).  The way it was written it seemed like Bridget Kane in Ireland was his only liviing sibling in 1953.  It only stated he was from County Kerry, that is why I was trying to narrow down exactly where in County Kerrry.  I'm not sure if he was the only family member who immigrated to the US.I   In the 1901 census it says James R was 39, Mary was 35, Richard was 12, Mary was 10, Patrick was 8, Bridget was 4 and Margaret was 1.  It seems like in 1911, Patrick would have been 18 and I think I recall that's around the age he immigrated.  If Bridget was 4 in 1901 she would have only been 14 in 1911.  It's hard when you are researching because you don't know for sure if your looking at the right documents or not.  The biggest connection I have is his parents names and the one sister from the obituary. 

    Barbara Begley

    Monday 19th August 2019, 09:47PM
  • HI Miriam - After thinking about it I understand that Cavanaugh and Kevane sound similiar.  Unfortuanelty, I'm not aware of Patricks's parents or other siblings migrating.  Patrick had passed on before I was born, but I don't recall meeting or any mention of his parents or siblings by my Grandmother or Mother. As far as I'm know Patrick migrated from Ireland and settled in Holyoke, Massachusetts (US).  Also Patrick's children (including my mother) have been deceased for many years now. I really appreciate your help and will continue on with research!   Thanks again  Barbara Begley

    Barbara Begley

    Thursday 22nd August 2019, 10:04AM
  • Hi, You may have this already but this URL will show you where Dunurlin in Kerry is located. It also lists townland and other features about the area. Hope this helps.

    Jim Lenehan


    Friday 21st August 2020, 03:04PM