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I believe that Redfield is part of  Ballykildea / Gortmagy townlands due to its association with various family trees. It is not listed on nor can I get it with an internet search either. It is used in Parish Registers and State Registers for BMD

Hoping a little local knowledge may help

Seamus Crowe

Seamus Crowe Crowe One Name Study

Thursday 12th August 2021, 01:23PM

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  • Message forwarded to volunteer who covers Killaloe parish.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 12th August 2021, 02:31PM
  • Hello,

    I found a Redfield house in the centre of Fahybeg townland vwhich is SW of Lackareagh mountain (W of Killaoe).

    Seamus Crowe Crowe One Name Study

    Thursday 19th August 2021, 10:59AM
  • I also have ancestors who were from Fahybeg, the children were all born/baptised in the ecclesiastical Parish of Killaloe-O'Briensbridge with the priest recording the family's address as Redfield.  Delighted to see a lead to Redfield.  Humpty


    Wednesday 22nd September 2021, 06:20AM
  • Below is a response to Jan Humphries that might help other people find this area. It is not a townland in its own right but the Irish population had an immense bond with places and it is part of their culture to use place or object names to provide others with placement - one of the extra confusions but only becaue the modern population are losing contact with their roots and localities.

    I am indebted ot Orla Kuiper-Ryan for a conversation about such and a link to an RTE programme tha more than highlights this rich culture of people and their places.

    I was able to play this link in my browser in Spain and it is a beautiful documentary both in production and evocative of the culture and people of Ireland


    Hello Jan,

    Thanks for the message!

    It reminds me to go back to the original post and answer myself :)


    I knew where to look approximately and looking over the ancient ordnance survey maps I found Redfield house in Fahybeg townland which is touching Bridgetown and north and west of it.


    I have attached a section of map I have taken from the Clare Library website which you can see for yourself online. Double clicking the county map will exp[and it and then show different layers of maps - very useful for your research?


    On the map if you go directly up from Bridgetown to the green line  and move up to the left on the line and just to the left is Redfield marked (above the Fahybeg label?


    In the 1901 Census fahybeg is under fahymore if you need to search that place in particular?


    Talking with Orla Kuiper-Ryan, who is from the area originally, she explained, if I remember correctly off the top of my head, that the old name for Bridgetown was Redfield in Gaelic and the English changed it to Redfield.


    Now, I eventually found a couple more entries to Redfield and I wonder if that is because they were tenants to the Manor house or worked there and I enclose the sheet I have made as a working model to see if there is any connection there with you? The family data is right but of course all I have done at this stage is put it on one sheet and have not checked its connection with other groups etc but see what you think and tell me what you think?


    This townland and the ones north of it and to the east are particularly rich in Crowe names, my own (Glenaglough) from a mile north on the country road you would meet going  directly north from Redfield?


    Hopefully you now know everything I know and some more but do come back again, especially if you want more details on Crowes. I have recently been putting the Crowes here together and am keen to make as many links as possible. My main interest here was diverted by accidentally coming across the top of my trees first family (I am from the second or maybe third brood), so I have a personal interest here too.


    Good luck and best wishes,



    Seamus Crowe Crowe One Name Study

    Thursday 23rd September 2021, 12:53PM
  • Sorry I missed your reply of 23 September.  I am interested in the Gortcallyroe as my gg grandfather John Herbert married Hannah Reddan there on the 1 March 1840.  John's address was given as Redfield and Hannah's as Garraunboy. They had 4 children : Ellen, Mary, Margaret and Peter all baptised in Gortcallyroe.  Ellen the eldest daughter sailed from Liverpool aboard the ship Dirigo arriving at Port Phillip 28 March 1859.

    The parents of John Herbert were Peter Herbert and Ellen Tuohey, John had a sister Bridget who married Michael Cuneen in 1839 in Gortcallyroe.  In the Tithe Applotments Books I have found a record for a Peter Herbert resident at Fahy Beg, Killaloe, Clare in 1824 and 1830, as Herbert is not a common name in the area I am hoping this is my Peter.

    Local surnames from family documents : Reddan, Herbert, Crowe, Ringrose, Neill, McKeogh, Bunfill and Raheily.

    Local surnames from Tithe : Tuohey, McKeogh, Raheily and Ringrose.

    From what I can make out Fahy Beg is not far distant from Gortcallyroe.

    Thank for your help, Humpty.


    Monday 14th March 2022, 03:50AM