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Trying to find out information on my ggreatgrandparents John White and Elizabeth Dicson, Dickson, Dixson as well as my great grandmother Mary Ann White born between 1856 and 1858. I believe to be in the Fahan area.

John White would of been born about 1826 and Elizabeth Dixson about 1828 if the marriage record I have for them is correct. I have their marriage of being 10 Jul 1851 in Fahan,

I have not been able to find the birth record of my greatgrandmother Mary Ann White but based on records here in the states when she came over in 1885 shortly after she married my ggrandfather William McKane, her birth was either 1856 and 1858.

I did however find births for her sister Eliza who also came to the states around the time my ggrandmother did. Eliza was born in Nov 1864 in Fahan. I have also found other siblings of my ggrandmother's births  all born in Fahan. born to John White and Elizabeth Dickson.

Although I feel this family were in Fahan til 1870 only through the birth records I have found..I believe that this family could of ended up in Strabane.

Looking for direction I guess. I did find a John White in the tithe's for Donegal, clonleigh parish, Lifford Park, year 1826 but not knowing if this would be my John White.

I know that my greatgrandfather's maternal side of the family (the Doaks) was traced being in at one time the Clondavaddog parish and in Swilly area which I believe that Mary Ann's family is from if I am correct. unless Fanal and Fahan are two seperate places.


Monday 5th July 2021, 11:12AM

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  • Hello,

    I believe this may be your Mary Anne,, taken from a transcription on RootsIreland:

    Mary Anne White, b. 2 Sept. 1856, b. 2 Nov 1856, parents John White ( farmer) and Elizabeth, Ballinahone,Parish/District:FAHAN UPPER, Co. Donegal, Church of Ireland.
    I hope this is helpful.


    Monday 5th July 2021, 02:55PM
  • Have you looked at Griffiths Valuation? It looks like there were Whites an Dixsons in Fahan Upper and several Dixsons were in Ballinahone.


    Monday 5th July 2021, 02:59PM
  • You may be confusing the Fanad peninsula area  with the parishes of Fahan Lower and Fahan Upper which are further east from Fanad.

    From the records you have it appears your White family was from Fahan.

    Civil birth records started in 1864.

    I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and did not find a baptismal record for John White or Elizabeth Dickson. However, I did find a baptismal record for Mary Anne White on November 2 1856 (she was born September 2 1856). The church was the Church of Ireland parish of Fahan Upper. Parents John White and  Elizabeth (no maiden name provided). There was also a baptismal record for a John White born November 22 1858 and baptized December 26 1858. Same church and same parents but It showed the family was living in Roosky townland in Fahan Upper parish.

    There was also a baptismal record for an Adam White baptized July 25 1861 (born June 16 1861). Same church and parents and living in Roosky.

    I don't believe that the John White in the Tithes for Clonleigh parish is your ancestor.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 5th July 2021, 03:06PM
  • John White and Eliza Dickson’s marriage (16th July 1851) at Fahan Church of Ireland:

    Here’s Eliza Jane White’s birth in Roosky in 1864:

    John White’s farm in Roosky is listed in Griffiths Valuation in 1858. He had plot 1 which was 52 acres. There was also a William White farming there on plot 7, so perhaps a relation. Roosky is a mile or two from Gort.

    John White’s death in 1891 at Roosky:

    Family in the 1901 census:

    Here’s a possible birth for Elizabeth McClean in that census:

    I wonder if she and John were adopted (informally as there was no formal adoption then). Hard to know. It could explain why John was known as both McClean and White.

    One White farm in Roosky in 1911:

    Found this probate abstract on the PRONI wills site which related to a John White or McClean of Rooskey:

    White John otherwise McClean John of Rooskey Fahan county Donegal Republic of Ireland farmer died 30 June 1957 at the County Home Stranorlar county Donegal Administration (with Will) Belfast 2 December to Mary Elizabeth Hamilton married woman. Effects £252 13s. 9d.

    The will itself appears to be in PRONI in Belfast. That would appear to be the man aged 29, in the 1911 census. 

    Death here:

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 5th July 2021, 05:11PM
  • Elwyn:

    I reported the spam comment.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 5th July 2021, 05:28PM
  • Thank you Patricia, Roger McDonell and all been so very helpful. I greatly appreciate all your input into this. That is exactly the date that I had for the marriage of John White and Elizabeth Dickson. I know that was  the names of the parents because they were the names I got off of Eliza (White) Bottcher's  death record here in the states and I believe on one of the records I had for Mary Ann (White) McKane. Patricia, thank you for the birth information on my great grandmother Mary Ann. I did have the name  of Thomas as being one of the sons. I had his birth being 18 Sept 1867 and he being a twin with a Fannie. (Fannie was the name that was given to my grandmother as well.). I had a Henry as a possible son born 5 July 1870 but did not have a John White born in 1858.

    Thank you for the straightening out of Fahan and Fanad..I think I had realized after looking around at a few notes that the family was from Fahan.

    I will look further into all the links you have sent me.

    Thank you again to you all for all your help. Elwyn has been a tremendous help when I was researching the McKane, Doak branches of my tree. This site has always been extremely helpful and informative and I greatly appreciate your efforts!



    Monday 5th July 2021, 08:14PM