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I could use some help with deciphering the place of residence on the marriage records of Rebecca Whitfield and Mary Eleanor Whitfield. See uploads.

It looks like Corhawn and Corr, but could it be Corbane and is Corr short for Corbane?

Help would be welcome.




Tuesday 24th Jul 2018, 07:14AM

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  • On the marriage for Rebecca the residence is Corbawn, which is a spelling variation of Corbane, and on the marriage for Mary Eleanor the residence is Corr, which could refer to Corbane or to the combined townland of 'Cor Beg and Cor More', which is adjacent to Corbane townland. According to the placename database the Cor/Corr in the names means "round hill, pointed hill, hollow; pointed, conspicuous, odd", Bán is the Irish for White, 'Beg' and 'More' are Irish for small & big. See the townlands on the c1840 OSI map.

    Both Corbane and 'Cor Beg and Cor More' are in Lemanaghan civil and church of Ireland parish which would fit with the bride's residence.

    Griffith's Primary Valuation shows a John Whitfield leasing a house, offices and land of over 100 acres in Corbane townland in 1854 - maybe a brother or uncle to Rebecca & Mary Eleanor ?

    The 1901 census includes a Whitfield household at Corbane townland, although they are Catholic..


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 24th Jul 2018, 08:18AM
  • Thank you so much for your long and interesting explanation. I couldn't work out the place names and am pleased that that puzzle is solved..

    I will look into the Griffith valuation and census,

    Regards Ingrid


    Wednesday 25th Jul 2018, 05:25AM
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    Hi there,

    Need some help again. Probate of my GGGgrandfather's last will and testament (1855) states "William Payne late from Springfield and Ballycumber in the King's County" and "Springfield in the Parish of Leamanaghan". See upload.
    I can't find Springfield. Can anyone enlighten me?

    Thanks and regards



    Saturday 1st Feb 2020, 03:07PM

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