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William Finneran/Fineran, born 1825, possibly this parish

Any records of Finnerans or Finerans? Looking for William's place of birth, who was born circa 1825 (1823) and Cornelius, his father. Cornelius married a Catherine (I expect a John or Mary could be at the front of their names). William left Ireland's Galway port btw 1847-1850. Sailed over with 3? other Finneran cousins/brothers/possibly a twin Michael/John and met a slew of Tierneys from south of Galway. They located in Fall River, Massachusetts on the border of Rhode Island where he married Hannah "Gene" Tierney on May 5th, 1850. His cousin Patrick Finneran married Hannah's sister Ann Eliza/Elizabeth Ann. Several moved to Columbus, Ohio after that, including Willie and Patrick and the Tierney sisters. Patrick's father was also Patrick and grandfather was Peter, who was a hedge teacher. I believe Peter was Willie's grandfather, but cannot locate Cornelius to verify. Many originated on the Galway/Roscommon border areas which is why I am searching this parish. Thanks so much. Ann Finneran.






Friday 12th October 2018, 11:22PM

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  • seafins:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and did not find a record for William. The baptismal records for the RC parish (Creggs/Glinsk) do not start until 1831 whcih likely explains not finding William's record.

    You may want to add William's story to our XO Chronicles site and possibly someone will see a connection.

    Have you considered DNA testing?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Saturday 13th October 2018, 07:01PM
  • Thanks, Roger. I did National Geographic's a couple years ago but it does not get that specific. What do you recommend? I hear they may harvest data...? AF






    Monday 15th October 2018, 04:20PM
  • AF:

    I don't want to recommend a specific company. The main testing companies are Ancestry, 23 and Me, Family Tree DNA and My Heritage.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 16th October 2018, 06:50PM