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Good Afternoon everyone. I am looking for the parents of William Hall, not sure when he was born but he married Matilda McKeon at St Cathetine’s Dublin in 1838. They had 3 children John Richard born about 1840, Henry Edward born at Wicklow in 1843 and Matilda born in Dolphinsbarn in 1845. Thanks Regards Marion, 





Friday 9th August 2019, 05:07AM

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  • William and Matilda's marriage took place in the Church of Ireland St. Catherine's - there's also a Catholic St. Catherine's in Dublin city.

    Unfortunately marriage records from that timeframe dont include much detail, just the date, names, their current residences and names of witnesses, and no details of father's, so very few clues to start a search further back. Sometimes the witness names can be clues, as they are often related, but in this case neither have the same surname as either the bride or groom.

    Did William and Matilda stay in Ireland ? did they appear on any census returns ?
    In some countries death certs can include details of parents, so might be worth checking out...

    Currently Church of Ireland records are not as well represented online as Catholic records and coverage is very patchy, so making a baptism search difficult, as it's difficult to prove, or rule out, any potential records located. In addition there's also the problem of parishes where historic records have been lost, so cannot be searched. A search of the irishGenealogy website shows on possibility that's worth noting - a William Hall baptised 27th February 1784 at St. Catherine's CofI, so the same church and parish as that marriage. The residence is recorded as 'Chambr St' - likely Chamber Street, and the parents as William and Mary. Maybe a little old to be your William, but given the same street , first name & surname, possibly related ?

    A search of Dublin directories for any details on Chamber streets shows another possible connection - Wilson's Directory of 1804 (part of the Treble Almanack) there's an entry for a William Hall or 35 'Chambre Street', occupation Dyer. Do you know the occupation/trade for your William ?

    By the mid 1800s the surname Hall appears all over Ireland, but was much more concentrated in Ulster counties, with Antrim, Armagh and Fermanagh at the top of the list.


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 9th August 2019, 09:14AM
  • Hi Shanew.

    Thanks for your reply, The only occupation I have for William is a Scripture Reader (this was on his daughter Matilda's birth record), on Matilda's death certificate it states she was the widow of a Scripture Reader.

    Ages ago I found a baptism for Willm Henry Hall baptised on 18 August 1816 at St Mary (COI), Dublin  father was John and mother Mary Ann Dempsey, I wondered with the naming pattern could this be the right one, as my greatgrandfather was John Richard (Matilda had a brother Richard) and John's brother was Henry Edward, but I don't know how to confirm that they are really my family,.

    I like the one you found too, but he would have been 54 at the time of his marriage.

    My late Aunt always said we were related to the Hughenouts via the Halls but I haven't found anything to confirm that.

    Regards Marion



    Sunday 11th August 2019, 06:44AM