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Winifred Kearns/Kerins, born County Sligo 1825 (possibly Ahamlish parish)

Hello everyone. I am researching Winifred Kearns/Kerins and her brother Patrick, from County Sligo.

Winifred Curran (Scottish spelling) was born about 1825 in County Sligo according to the 1851 Census for Scotland.She and her husband Francis Layden emigrated to Scotland with theor daughter Mary between 1845-1850 (I have posted separately about him in the Leitrim community).

Patrick Curran was witness at their son’s baptism in Dumfries in 1850, so I assume he was a close relative, maybe a brother. But he had either died or moved on by the time of the 1851 census for Scotland.

I found the following in church records for Ahamlish parish:

Date    Child                           Father                   Mother           Townland

1814    Patritium Keareen       Thoma Keareen    Maria Feeny    Gortnaleck

1816    Patritius Keareen        Pats Keareen         Catha Kelly     Kilcat

1824    Winifredam Kerin       Patritim Kerin       Catha Kelly     Kilcat

1826    Winifredam Kerins     Thoma Kerins       Maria Feeny    Gortnaleck

I also have some DNA matches on Ancestry with Gilmartin, Kilmartin, Gillen and Heraghty ancestors from Ahamlish parish. So I think Ahamlish is a strong possibility for my Kearns/Kerins ancestors. It is also close to county Leitrim, where Winifred’s husband came from.

If anyone has more information that could help me, or is also researching the Kearns/Kerins surname from Ahamlish, I would be interested to hear from you.


Sunday 19th April 2020, 08:21AM

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  • Hello -- The townlands you mention and the parish of Ahamkish are in the Barony of Carbury. I would put the following phrase "ahamlish townland co sligo" into the search engine duckduckgo - lots of source sites pop up. From those you can go on to the Civil registrations site for Ireland and the Griffith and then the Census sites to explore. Steve

    Drumrat Sligo

    Saturday 18th July 2020, 02:10AM