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I WOULD LOVE TO MEET SOME WOODLOCK, GODKIN OR FOGARTY COUSINS WHILE HERE! My husband and I are staying south of Cork until mid December, 2021.  We will be back again next spring or summer.

 My 2nd great grandfather, Daniel Woodlock was born  29 Aug 1839 in Moycarky, Thurles.  Baptized 4 Nov 1839. His father was Edmond Woodlock (1798-1870) and mother Mary Ryan 1807-1893.  He passed away in 1919 in Syracuse,New York,US.  

 Daniels' siblings were: Michael Woodlock (1826-1894; Timothy (1830-1891); Martha 1832; Thomas (1835-1911) died in Guernsey; John (1837-1900) died in New Jersey, US; Mary 1841-1926 (emigrated to Australia) ; Margaret 1845- 1912; possibly Bridget 1867; and possibly Thomas 1872.  

 He married Alice Fogarty (1843-1893)(Moykarky) Her father was William Fogarty, and her mother was Mary Cavanagh. It appears Daniel and Alice married in Thurles then moved to the Channel Islands. 

Their children were Mary Ann Woodlock (Franey) 1863-1884; William 1865- 1952 (M Mary E. Gleason; Margaret (Maggie) 1869-1940 (my great grandmother) (née Godkin; Thomas Edward 1871-1942) (m. Hyla Mary Clapper); Alice V. (1877-1934)m Brock; Catharine 1879-1960. M Hammond; and Anna Laurie Woodlock (1884-1960) née Klapetzky.  

My great grandmother, Margaret Woodlock married Thomas Godkin. They had 3 children, including my grandmother Agnes Godkin. 

I hope to meet a few Woodlocks, especially someone interested in genealogy.  I have several 2nd and 3rd cousins who are also descended from Daniel who are hoping to hear some great news!

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Geraldine O'Connell







Gerry O’Connell

Friday 15th October 2021, 06:24PM

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