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Catherine Woods born abt 1815 in Fermoy married Patrick Ryan abt 1842 in Cork (somewhere) had one son Patrick b - 1843

Mother and child transported to Australia on the Kinnear 16 June 1848.

Catherines parents were Patrick Woods and Joanna Carroll.

Any information would be hugely appreciated.



Wednesday 18th July 2018, 02:02AM

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  • Do you know if your Woods and Ryan couple were Catholic ?

    Unfortunately baptism records for for the Catholic parish of Fermoy only start in about 1825, so not quite far enough to include a baptism of Catherine if she was born in that parish. There is a possible match that might be worth considering for her baptism in Annakissy parish, which is two parishes to the west of Fermoy. The date of the baptism is the 29th October 1815 with parents Patrick Woods and Joan Carroll. The sponsors/godparents names are Denis O Brien  and Peg. Brien. See the 4th entry on the right hand page.

    I have not been able to locate any promising matches for the marriage of Patrick & Catherine or the baptism of Patrick jnr.


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 21st July 2018, 03:01PM
  • thankyou shanew147 that is the only baptism i can find as well. on her transportation record it states that she had sisters mary and lilly. I have found mary but no lilly so still cant confirm with confidence that the 1815 baptism is my catherine. i appreciate your reply and help.


    Tuesday 24th July 2018, 03:08AM