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I remember trying to add a Kilkenny workhouse to your records. My great great grandfather's sister, Anastasia Rafter, has a death certificate registered in the district of Kilkenny Nr. 1 in the Union of Kilkenny in the County of Kilkenny, It states that on the 13th Sept 1892 at the Workhouse, Walkin Street, Anastasia Rafter spinster 53 years dressmaker died of contusion and nephritis reported by Thomas Murphy occupier workhouse 14th Sept 1892. 

Since this was perhaps not the "official" workhouse, is it not one you are seeking to add? I think perhaps it might have been a small workhouse run by the church. In any case, let me know if you need more information. I believe the official location of the workhouse was Walkin Street opposite the Friary.


Sunday 3rd October 2021, 04:45AM

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  • Hi slopoet,
    The Workhouse was also the Infirmary, a Hospital.
    When it states an address like Walkin Street it means that is where she lived.


    Sunday 3rd October 2021, 01:11PM
  • So I understand that the Workhouse was an "official place." But evidently the workhouse where Anastasia died was on Walkin Street, which is why I wonder if it is one you don't have a record of. The form clearly has a box for Date and Place of death, and in that box it says: "Thirteenth September Workhouse Walkin Street." And the signature, qualification and residence of the "informant" is in another box that says "Thomas Murphy, occupier, workhouse." 

    I may have confused the issue because she lived at one time with her two sisters in a residence on Walkin Street opposite the Friary. So when I found the death certificate I thought to myself, oh, maybe they actually lived in the workhouse, i.e., they lived in the same place where they were made to do work, as in a house set up by the church. In fact, I thought I read somewhere that there WAS a workhouse/charity home set up by this same Friary on Walkin Street. If I find that information I'll send it.


    Sunday 3rd October 2021, 09:58PM
  • I found what I was looking for. This comes from the following website:

    A poor house on the south side of Walkin Street, associated with the Friary, was endowed in 1699 under the will of Father James Tobin, and was known as Father Tobin’s Poor House. The charity continued to function, on a site adjoining the Friary down to 1963.

    So this site speaks of "almshouses." So I am thinking the death certificate said "workhouse" but possibly meant this "poor house," because it certainly fits the wording on the letters Anastasia's sister wrote, saying they lived in Walkin Street opposite the Friary.

    In any case, I think it would be nice to add almshouses/poor houses to your list of places that housed the destitute. Just an idea, thanks for listening!

    Sharon Olson


    Sunday 3rd October 2021, 10:08PM