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John Ryan and Sarah Torpeys children

18-Jun-20 15:12
Ireland XO Community, Killallaghtan (Galway), Galway 2 Marge:
by Castlemore Roscommon 18-Jun-20 16:57

John Donahoe Born 1825 Emigrated to Pennsylvania

16-Jun-20 13:19
Killimor Bullogue (Galway), Ireland XO Community 3 Thank you!
by MC 17-Jun-20 14:14

Dempsey Irvilloughte Estate

15-Jun-20 21:04
Ireland XO Community, Ahascragh (Galway) 4  
by McCoy 20-Jun-20 6:42

Gorham Family

15-Jun-20 20:27
Ireland XO Community, Clifden (Galway), Galway 5 Roger, thank you.  You are
by evnaranjo 25-Jul-20 13:30

Gorham Family

15-Jun-20 20:25
Ireland XO Community, Clifden (Galway) 2 Duplicate message.
by Castlemore Roscommon 15-Jun-20 22:24

Looking for Cunningham family

14-Jun-20 14:13
Ireland XO Community, Glenamaddy (Galway) 3 Fantastic! Thank you so much!
by DaisyADay 15-Jun-20 15:53

Connor family, Portumna

13-Jun-20 7:12
Ireland XO Community, Portumna (Galway) 2 Hello again!
by Castlemore Roscommon 13-Jun-20 13:25

Monaghan family: Shannon Rd, Portumna

13-Jun-20 7:09
Ireland XO Community, Portumna (Galway) 3 Dear Roger  
by Serenity2227 13-Jun-20 23:28

Union Workhouse Glenamaddy

10-Jun-20 21:45
Ireland XO Community, Glenamaddy (Galway) 2  
by McCoy 11-Jun-20 8:42

Miskill Family

9-Jun-20 17:32
Ireland XO Community, Loughrea (Galway) 4
by Margot 12-Jun-20 11:01