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Bridget McGraie or McGrail.

28-Jun-20 23:30
Ireland XO Community, Kilmore (Roscommon) 3 Thanks once again Roger.
by amlyn63 29-Jun-20 23:32

James & Jane Johns deaths

16-Jun-20 14:55
Ireland XO Community, Elphin (Roscommon) 4 Hello Roger,
by Rosaleen 17-Jun-20 19:48


15-Jun-20 4:02
Ireland XO Community, St Peters (Roscommon) 4 Hello Roger,
by patriciaberry38 25-Jun-20 12:12

Hussey family in Kiltullagh

14-Jun-20 20:30
Ireland XO Community, Kiltullagh (Roscommon) 5 Hi Kay,
by Nick Geraghty 20-Jun-20 10:22

Geraghty Family History

7-Jun-20 9:27
Ireland XO Community, Roscommon, Kiltullagh (Roscommon) 3 Hi Jimmy,
by Nick Geraghty 9-Jun-20 9:14

King Family Boyle Elphin Roscommon

29-May-20 22:20
Ireland XO Community, Boyle (Roscommon) 9 That's a fascinating site, jonjoe,
by kevin45sfl 13-Jun-20 18:45

Cravens of Taghmaconnell

28-May-20 7:56
Ireland XO Community, Taghmaconnell (Roscommon) 2 Hi Sam,
by McCoy 28-May-20 15:35

Michael McNeil

26-May-20 21:58
Ireland XO Community, Lissonuffy (Roscommon) 2 Catherine:
by Castlemore Roscommon 27-May-20 12:47

Sabina Hanmer

26-May-20 19:15
Ireland XO Community, Roscommon, Tibohine (Roscommon) 3 Diana (sorry for the wrong spelling
by Castlemore Roscommon 26-May-20 20:43

Owen Monaghan Mary Scally Gallowstown

23-May-20 4:19
Ireland XO Community, Roscommon (Roscommon), Roscommon 3  
by Mostly Irish 26-May-20 16:36