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Martyn (Lowpark Court/House, Galway), McKelwee (Sligo and Roscommon)

18-Jan-21 1:42
Ireland XO Community, Killoran (Sligo), Ballinasloe (Galway), Sligo, Galway 3 Thanks.
by Alan MacD 19-Jan-21 0:30

Rogan Ancestors Update

4-Jan-21 4:15
Ireland XO Community, Sligo, Kilglass (Longford), Longford 2 People did have a choice where they
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 4-Jan-21 9:55

Rosses Point, Sligo: Seaview NS

3-Jan-21 16:31
Ireland XO Community, Sligo, Drumcliff (Sligo) 2 Hello Patience, as no one has taken
by St Peters Louth 11-Jan-21 21:56


31-Dec-20 2:28
Ireland XO Community, Sligo 5 Thank you so much for your replies,
by Jen.J 1-Jan-21 14:12

Michael Finnigan and Birgitta McRoe

4-Dec-20 15:18
Ireland XO Community, Templeboy (Sligo), Sligo 5 Many thanks anyway...perhaps it was
by Janet Chand 7-Dec-20 15:07

Henry Family to Canada in 1830s

24-Nov-20 16:50
Ireland XO Community, Sligo 6 Thanks Fred
by Tom Kelly, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 5-Dec-20 21:17

Patrick Harrison

22-Nov-20 21:38
Ireland XO Community, Sligo 3 I have not been able to find any
by Marilyn Smith 6-Dec-20 20:07

Killoran and Davey in Sligo

18-Nov-20 20:37
Ireland XO Community, Sligo 3 Thanks, I will follow up.
by Lego_John 19-Nov-20 0:13

Adding ancestors to the list

17-Nov-20 14:07
Ireland XO Community, Sligo 2 Hello - I am not sure how to help
by Drumrat Sligo 5-Dec-20 0:32


17-Nov-20 12:57
Ireland XO Community, Sligo 3 Thanks.  I'll take a deeper
by alroch4 6-Dec-20 12:04