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William George McKee

10-May-20 10:18
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 11 Great article and a nice way to
by acidpos6 18-Nov-20 7:14

William George McKee

10-May-20 10:09
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 2 Duplicate message
by Jim Vaughan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 10-May-20 12:06


8-May-20 15:22
Ireland XO Community, Dublin, St Pauls (Dublin) 3 Hi
by Mallow Cork 11-May-20 14:25

Looking for family history for Michael Hannon

3-May-20 23:42
Dublin 12 Thank you to all the searchers for
by ssmullen 1-Mar-21 4:21

help with ggparents/grandparents

29-Apr-20 19:47
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 2 Hello Finola, this was not easy and
by St Peters Louth 5-May-20 23:12

William Southern / Sothern

26-Apr-20 4:18
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1


23-Apr-20 13:52
Ireland XO Community, St Catherines (Dublin), Cork City (Cork) 6 Certainly seems like you should
by IrelandXO_DM 5-Jul-20 11:36

Byrne: Joseph & Belinda 'Lendie' Mary (née McGuigan)

23-Apr-20 0:43
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1

Sheils, Tarr and Byrne

21-Apr-20 7:18
Ireland XO Community, St Audoens (Dublin) 2 We are unable to trace living, or
by shanew147, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 23-Jul-20 18:38

Looking for any information re Josias Kennington, Rev of St Nicholas Within, 1600's

19-Apr-20 13:58
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1