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Patrick J Bryan

18-Aug-21 21:09
Ireland XO Community, Narraghmore (Kildare), Kildare 4 Hi Patricia, thank you for this. I
by kevinjshea 25-Aug-21 11:59


14-Aug-21 5:17
Ireland XO Community, Ballymany (Kildare) 3 I appreciate your response! I am
by Bridgett 14-Aug-21 15:00

Looking for ancestors in a forest of family trees

29-Jul-21 15:37
Ireland XO Community, Kildare 3 Patricia, Sorry for being tardy
by KevinKelley 3-Aug-21 15:35

Ellen Hyland & John Dowling

13-Jul-21 5:11
Ireland XO Community, Monasterevin (Kildare), Kildare 2 Local volunteer contacted.
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 13-Jul-21 12:15

Irish brick wall. 1st post

11-Jul-21 9:55
Ireland XO Community, Kildare 5 HI Roger, 
by Suexx 24-Jul-21 12:54

Peter GILLIGAN from Kildare - convict

31-May-21 1:23
Ireland XO Community, Kildare 2 Hi Maureen, a few weeks ago there
by Margot 13-Jun-21 12:50

The Mystery of "Lady" Mary Grattan

27-May-21 22:32
Ireland XO Community, Kilmeage (Kildare), Kildare 2 One of the children was baptized in
by Patricia 28-May-21 0:50

The Mystery of "Lady Mary Grattan"

27-May-21 22:17
Carbury (Kildare), Kildare 2 We have notified a volunteer of
by Denise 3-Jun-21 13:09

Nereney query

16-May-21 8:30
Ireland XO Community, Nurney (Kildare), Kildare 2 We have forwarded your request to a
by Denise 3-Jun-21 13:04


15-May-21 6:45
Ireland XO Community, Kildare 2 Coatsey:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 15-May-21 13:03