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Mary Welch Sanders

12-Apr-21 16:58
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny 8 Ok thanks for the time you spent
by Sashi 16-Apr-21 1:24

DNA Test Points to Kilkenny

11-Apr-21 21:25
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny 1

Thomas J Corr

11-Apr-21 20:39
Ireland XO Community, Ballycallan (Kilkenny) 2 Sam:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 11-Apr-21 21:15

Michael Tobin

9-Apr-21 12:43
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny 2 Have you found James B. in the U.S.
by Patricia 9-Apr-21 18:30

My Family

8-Apr-21 15:59
Ireland XO Community, Callan (Kilkenny) 2 Richard:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 8-Apr-21 17:14

Cochrane girls in School in France

20-Mar-21 23:59
Ireland XO Community, Castlecomer (Kilkenny) 3 I m not sure if their family hoped
by Marge 23-Mar-21 12:56

Please help I'm seeing double.

26-Feb-21 11:51
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny 9 I had my DNA done with ancestry and
by Trish 27-Feb-21 22:19

Ellen (English) Cody & her siblings emigrated from County Kilkenny to Cass county Illinois

23-Feb-21 20:33
Thomastown (Kilkenny) 3 Roger,
by BendB 24-Feb-21 3:14

Egan OR Eagan, William and descendants

11-Feb-21 22:33
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny, Urlingford (Kilkenny) 1

James Whitely

7-Feb-21 7:46
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny 1