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James Doyle

2-Sep-20 8:49
Ireland XO Community, Killegney (Wexford), Wexford 3 Hi Elwyn, Thank you for posting,
by Martin 3-Sep-20 10:19

Patrick White - Elizabeth O'Neill

30-Aug-20 3:23
Ireland XO Community, Wexford 1

Unusual First Name

26-Aug-20 1:23
Ireland XO Community, Ferns (Wexford), Wexford 3 Thanks for investigating this for
by Lynne 27-Aug-20 0:39

William Joseph Aloysius Mahoney from Wexford

25-Aug-20 4:04
Ireland XO Community, Wexford 1

Michael Doye/Maria Duffin (Wexford County)

25-Aug-20 3:35
Ireland XO Community, Wexford 3 Thank you for all your help. 
by Doyle-Duffin 28-Aug-20 21:09

Murphy/Goodison Marriage

21-Aug-20 10:29
Ferns (Wexford), Wexford 5 Hi Lesley!
by Geri Sinclair 15-Sep-20 1:32

Help with Kehoe Family of Wexford

20-Aug-20 18:22
Ireland XO Community, Wexford 3 Hi Shanew147,
by Karen Delaney Relstab 23-Aug-20 19:14

John Slye burial site in Templeshannon in June 1798

18-Aug-20 23:38
Ferns (Wexford), Wexford 4 I followed the above account with
by Anji Ni Dhuinn 3-Oct-20 20:26

Mary Young

4-Aug-20 19:19
Ireland XO Community, Wexford 9 Thank you Roger , yes we know that
by Alan 5-Aug-20 19:17

Joseph Copland

4-Aug-20 19:13
Ireland XO Community, Enniscorthy (Wexford), Wexford 1