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8-Sep-21 17:12
Ireland XO Community, Inver (Donegal) 4 Hi George, Just want to make sure
by Patricia 10-Sep-21 21:42

McKinley, Dunfanaghy

4-Sep-21 12:26
Ireland XO Community, Donegal, Clondahorky (Donegal) 2 Hi Sandra,
by VisitCastlebar 16-Sep-21 11:00

McKinley / McCauley

4-Sep-21 11:39
Ireland XO Community, Donegal, Raymunterdoney (Donegal) 3 Many thanks for those links Roger.
by SandraM 5-Sep-21 12:30

McKinley, Ballyconnell, Falcarragh

4-Sep-21 11:23
Ireland XO Community, Donegal, Raymunterdoney (Donegal) 6 Sandra:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 6-Sep-21 14:45

Lady Yvonne Dorine Holmes

1-Sep-21 4:03
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 10 Hello Prue,
by davepat 5-Sep-21 12:56

Mullyvea to Laugh Fad

30-Aug-21 1:03
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 4 Thank you so much. I at least have
by Mauvereen 31-Aug-21 14:10


8-Aug-21 22:43
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 5 Again, you really are amazing.
by Mary Murtagh Lorenz 10-Aug-21 17:43

Robinsons in Pettigo in 1800 (ancestor was Methodist and likely Free Mason) (also Grahams, Funstons, Reids, Armstrongs, Wachobs)

3-Aug-21 5:42
Ireland XO Community, Templecarn (Donegal), Templecarn (Fermanagh), Donegal, Fermanagh 6 Thanks Elwyn. We appreciate the
by D.G.R. 15-Aug-21 0:21

Gardner/Gardiner Family in and around Raphoe

18-Jul-21 21:15
Raphoe (Donegal) 5 Thank you kindly. I will follow up
by PaulGardner 7-Aug-21 3:06

Catherine Long and Matt Irwine or Scott Irvine

12-Jul-21 16:47
Ireland XO Community, Donaghmore (Donegal) 4 Charline:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 14-Jul-21 20:00