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Thomas Gill, parish Kilgavin?

1-Oct-22 01:11
Kilkeevin (Roscommon), Kilteevan (Roscommon), Kilgefin (Roscommon), Roscommon, Roscommon, Roscommon 2 Irish Cowgirl:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 1-Oct-22 12:21

Lennon/Brennan/ Breheny family in Clooncundra Ballymurrary and Sanfield

11-Feb-22 15:28
Killinvoy (Roscommon), Roscommon, IrelandXO, Kilteevan (Roscommon) 6 Thank you, thank you!!  There
by Mary Murtagh Lorenz 14-Feb-22 15:25

Marriage Record

28-Jan-21 19:41
IrelandXO, Kilteevan (Roscommon), Roscommon 3 Hello Rodger, Thank you very much
by Geraldine 29-Jan-21 22:30

John Moran

24-Nov-18 22:01
IrelandXO, Kilteevan (Roscommon), Roscommon 3  
by Sharway 26-Nov-18 0:39

Mullin James, Catherine Cofee

20-Aug-18 21:10
Kilteevan (Roscommon), Roscommon 8 thank you for all your help,
by 26-Aug-18 15:42

Dawes family early 1800's

30-Apr-18 20:49
Kilteevan (Roscommon), IrelandXO, Roscommon 4 Thanks so much for the leads. 
by Jonasfarley 2-May-18 17:01

Query about Banahan and Kilduff (Duffy) Families

1-Apr-17 12:37
Kilteevan (Roscommon), Roscommon 3 And for this one as well,Roger!
by 2-Apr-17 1:50


16-Oct-16 20:52
Kilteevan (Roscommon), Roscommon 3 Patti:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 16-Oct-16 22:37

Michael & Anne Brennan

23-Mar-16 01:39
Kilteevan (Roscommon), Roscommon 7 Re Michael Brennan and his wife Ann
by Martine, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 9-Jul-16 8:05

Brennans/Kellys in Kilteean

23-Feb-16 21:49
Kilteevan (Roscommon), Roscommon 3 Thank you, Roger.  I saw on
by Mary Murtagh Lorenz 24-Feb-16 23:20

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