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"Sollogheadly" Tipperary

15-Sep-20 15:59
Ireland XO Community, Tipperary (Tipperary) 5 I have used this site quite often.
by nanapeg3400 16-Sep-20 15:00

Parish Registers

15-Sep-20 4:40
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny West (Westmeath) 3 Hello Bob.  Yes, you are
by Clare 16-Sep-20 5:11

Caden and Carden

15-Sep-20 4:12
Ireland XO Community, Kilmoremoy (Mayo) 1

Margaret Reid

15-Sep-20 2:40
Ireland XO Community, Kerry 1

Thomas Burgess, died 1906 South Dublin workhouse - ? born in New Zealand 1862 ?

15-Sep-20 0:49
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 5 Elwyn - oh, it's endless, isn't? IF
by Migs 15-Sep-20 21:13

Reagan Surname

14-Sep-20 23:04
Cork 1

Margaret Long from County Cork

14-Sep-20 21:00
Ireland XO Community, Cork 1


14-Sep-20 12:56
Cork 1

Seeking King & Supple ancestors in West Cork (Crookhaven/Goleen) area- mid 1850's

13-Sep-20 22:11
Ireland XO Community, Kilmoe (Cork) 4 Hi David,
by Abbeystrowry Cork 20-Sep-20 10:09

Dodd or Doyle

13-Sep-20 19:26
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1