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Ivory - Kilkenny

22-Aug-19 16:18
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny 2 Hi,
by Miriam 23-Aug-19 14:39

Irish naming patterns

22-Aug-19 15:46
Ireland XO Community 1

Looking for Ledwidge

22-Aug-19 15:29
Ireland XO Community 3  HI Graham & Miriam, the
by St Peters Louth 23-Aug-19 23:01

DANIEL LYNCH, Cork. b. 1810 approx

22-Aug-19 9:31
Cork 3  
by IrishGreatGrands 22-Aug-19 19:39

Daniel Lynch (Cork)

22-Aug-19 9:10
Ireland XO Community, Cork 2 Duplicate
by Miriam 22-Aug-19 11:26

Daniel Lynch (Plasterer) Cork

22-Aug-19 9:07
Ireland XO Community 2 duplicate
by Miriam 22-Aug-19 11:26


22-Aug-19 7:12
Ireland XO Community, Westmeath 4 You're welcome Erin,
by Miriam 24-Aug-19 19:58

seeking information about McAsey name and potential locations

22-Aug-19 3:27
Ireland XO Community, Cork 4 Hi Roberta,
by Miriam 24-Aug-19 20:10

Also looking for William Magee

22-Aug-19 2:53
Ireland XO Community, Fermanagh 1

Burial,memorial or cemetery

22-Aug-19 1:55
Ireland XO Community 4 Thank you for the information. I
by Don 24-Aug-19 13:47