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Searching for Ancestors

13-Mar-13 20:44
Armagh (Armagh) 2 Response
by Emma Carty 8-May-13 12:12

Fitzgerald Blackwater area married to Margaret Breen in USA abt 1880

13-Mar-13 20:43
Ireland XO Community 6 Hi? have you had a look
by MaureenOConnor NZ 29-Mar-13 7:03

Thomas Flanagan

13-Mar-13 20:29
Leitrim (Cork) 3 Thomas Flanagan
by trixie 22-Mar-13 0:01

GALLIGAN, Michael married to Margaret CONWAY

13-Mar-13 20:11
Ireland XO Community 5 Checked Your Referral
by ggalliga 19-Mar-13 17:25

JACOB Family of Oak Park

13-Mar-13 19:44
Ireland XO Community 4 Hi Chris ... IF there is a Scots
by norwoodcj 30-Apr-16 1:11

Looking for Peter Lettis

13-Mar-13 19:04
Ireland XO Community 3 Michael Lettice
by dlettus 6-May-13 1:35


13-Mar-13 19:02
Tullahought (Kilkenny) 2 Thank You
by Emma Carty 22-Apr-13 14:13

Looking for Michael Lettice

13-Mar-13 18:48
Ireland XO Community 2 Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!
by Clare Doyle 30-Sep-15 16:08

McLaughlin family

13-Mar-13 18:46
Donaghedy (Tyrone) 2 Response
by Emma Carty 8-May-13 12:06

Looking for Parish for Great great great grandfather Martin O'Malley

13-Mar-13 18:38
Mayo 3 Try enter
by martin meehan 23-Mar-13 0:22