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10-Jun-12 23:43
Kiltallagh (Kerry) 2 Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!
by Clare Doyle 30-Sep-15 10:21

Mary Taaffe

10-Jun-12 19:10
Kilkeedy (Clare) 3 Taaffe from Corofin
by Tulla Clare 20-Jun-12 19:27

Millericks of Ballinona North

10-Jun-12 19:02
Imogeely (Cork) 4 Miilericks of Ballynona
by kquattrin 8-Apr-14 17:06

McInroy family of Co. Leitrim

10-Jun-12 18:57
Leitrim (Cork) 2

Family Search

10-Jun-12 17:37
Castleisland (Kerry) 4 I believe Roger and Joanna
by Duagh Kerry 23-Jun-12 0:29

Elizabeth Fogarty, Mitchelstown, Cork

9-Jun-12 16:09
Ireland XO Community 2

Elizabeth Fogarty, Mitchelstown, Cork

9-Jun-12 16:08
Ireland XO Community 6 Fogarty
by Cindy B 30-Nov-12 0:27


9-Jun-12 3:44
Ennis (Clare) 5 James & Jane FELTUS,nee BALFOUR
by Kerri from Aus 23-Feb-13 4:23

Robert BARTON & Jane WILSON of Co Fermanagh

9-Jun-12 3:09
Fermanagh 3 Robert Barton
by County Fermanagh 14-Feb-13 18:20

Searching for information about Archibald Lawless

8-Jun-12 16:58
Wicklow 4 Archibald Lawless
by suerestell 18-Jun-12 18:41