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Connect me with the rep for Ballynakill parish

6-Dec-11 13:50
Galway 2 Ballyinakill Parish
by Paula Kennedy 19-Jan-12 19:22

Records on the Sweeney and the McGovran side.

6-Dec-11 13:42
Ireland XO Community 2 Have you learned any more about the
by Clare Doyle 29-Sep-15 13:24

Her name was Sarah Kennedy Blair

6-Dec-11 13:37
Derry 2 Hi there
by Connaught Ireland 18-Apr-13 11:12

I would be very happy to take part in this project

6-Dec-11 13:33
Ireland XO Community 2 Hi there
by Connaught Ireland 4-Apr-13 9:25

Grandfather Michael Boland.Michael emigrated to Australia in 1853

6-Dec-11 12:59
Clare 2 Galway emigrant Index - names Boland and Minogue
by Paula Kennedy 12-Dec-11 14:21

Genealogist- Dublin based

6-Dec-11 12:42
Dublin 2 Mooney
by mooneysearch 21-Jan-12 18:32

Village of Clydagh in the area of Headford.

6-Dec-11 12:30
Galway 3 Hello Mary Ellen,
by Ireland XO Parish Liaison Volunteer Killursa 27-Jul-17 14:59

Researching my family history

6-Dec-11 12:24
Ireland XO Community 2 information
by cynoconnor 7-Mar-13 11:35

Grandfather who was gardener at Coole

6-Dec-11 12:20
Ireland XO Community 2 Curley
by GortGalway 29-Feb-12 15:07

John Amos Chapin from Ballymackward circa 1880

6-Dec-11 12:18
Ballymacward Gurteen (Galway) 2 chapin
by desiray08 29-Nov-12 19:53