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Banko/Banco, Eides, Sharp, Harding names at Reynagh Co Offaly

29-Feb-12 7:39
Ireland XO Community 5 Banco/Banko, Eides Sharp
by seanmacd 3-Aug-12 13:05

Banko/Banco name at Birr

29-Feb-12 7:28
Ireland XO Community 2 Hannah Banco
by drplatypus 31-May-12 11:31

George Fawkner and Ann Griffin

29-Feb-12 7:25
Kiltallagh (Kerry) 3 Thanks Sinead
by Trish 27-Apr-12 15:30

Kiely/Keily from Kanturk

29-Feb-12 6:59
Cloyne (Cork) 11 Forrest
by Kevin Terry 28-Nov-12 15:16

McNally from Carrickmore

29-Feb-12 6:17
Termonmaguirk (Tyrone) 4 Householders List for Termonmaguirk
by mazthomas 4-Mar-12 2:39


29-Feb-12 5:29
Donegal (Donegal) 2

Maddens from Loughrea

29-Feb-12 5:16
Loughrea (Galway) 19 joan Nugent and John Mc Namara
by tphfudd 31-Jul-12 19:03

Conoles from Kilfenora

29-Feb-12 1:07
Kilfenora (Clare) 3 Conoles from Kilfenora
by mazthomas 1-Mar-12 5:01

Moffit/Conboy/Glynn, emigrated to New Haven CT after 1870

28-Feb-12 23:26
Galway 2 hi sir
by Connaught Ireland 14-Feb-13 11:01

Sgt. John Phillips, 11th Regiment of Foot, of Donagh, Monagh, Ireland

28-Feb-12 17:54
Donagh (Monaghan) 4 More on Sgt. John Phillips, 11th Regiment of Foot
by BMcAleer 3-Mar-13 19:33