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George Burke

24-Feb-21 8:39
Ireland XO Community, Wexford 5 Thank you mccoy if gives me a
by Rburke50 26-Feb-21 3:10

Bridget O’Malley Patrick Lavelle Lackan Parish

24-Feb-21 3:30
Ireland XO Community, Mayo, Lackan (Mayo) 4 Hi, the townland should read
by Rosaleen Jaleel 27-Feb-21 17:12

Ellen (English) Cody & her siblings emigrated from County Kilkenny to Cass county Illinois

23-Feb-21 20:33
Thomastown (Kilkenny) 3 Roger,
by BendB 24-Feb-21 3:14

Where is Fishlane in Killaloe?

23-Feb-21 19:29
Ireland XO Community, Killaloe (Clare) 2 FYI Killaloe volunteer alerted.
by Castlemore Roscommon 23-Feb-21 20:39

Mary Elizabeth Conlan marriage to Thomas Micheal Sullivan mid 1800's

23-Feb-21 19:20
Ireland XO Community 1

Duggans of Annaduff parish and surrounding parishes

23-Feb-21 18:53
Ireland XO Community, Annaduff (Leitrim) 2 ncdugan:
by Castlemore Roscommon 23-Feb-21 20:35

Looking for Peter Campbell and Mary Meehan/Mahan Campbell - Ballinamore/Co.Leitrim

23-Feb-21 18:18
Ireland XO Community, Leitrim 3 Hi Kerrin!
by Castlemore Roscommon 23-Feb-21 20:49

Looking for Peter Campbell and Mary Meehan/Mahan Campbell - Bawnboy/Co. Cavan

23-Feb-21 18:15
Ireland XO Community, Cavan 2 Hi Kerrin,
by McCoy 23-Feb-21 19:24

John Stack and Bridget Relighan: Listowel

23-Feb-21 17:44
Ireland XO Community, Kerry, Listowel (Kerry) 1

Richard and Mary Fitzgerald and daughter Margaret (b. 1914)

23-Feb-21 13:18
Ireland XO Community 7 Sue:
by Castlemore Roscommon 26-Feb-21 14:07