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Are you coming to Ireland in 2022? If so, let us welcome you home like a local. It’s a free service – our many volunteers do this for fun and local pride!

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A Genealogy Event in Dublin

5-Sep-12 20:34
Ireland XO Community , Moybolgue (Cavan) , Cavan 2 Event
by cynoconnor 6-Sep-12 14:41

Looking for birth city of Eliza Jane Emmens

5-Sep-12 16:49
Ireland XO Community , Tyrone 2 Emmens
by cynoconnor 12-Sep-12 14:18

Byrnes/ Burns/Higgins/ Mallon families of Killybegs, Donegal, Ireland

5-Sep-12 16:27
Ireland XO Community , Killybegs Lower (Donegal) , Donegal 2 killybegs lower
by cynoconnor 12-Sep-12 14:14

What County?

5-Sep-12 15:43
Ireland XO Community , Antrim (Antrim) , Antrim 2 Antrim/Down
by cynoconnor 12-Sep-12 14:03

Searching John Dunn

5-Sep-12 15:29
Ireland XO Community , Kilkenny 3 Dunn Family in Kilkenny
by Mothell Kilkenny 12-Sep-12 15:13

Looking for birth city William Stewart

5-Sep-12 13:54
Ireland XO Community , Tyrone 3 Stewarts in Northern Ireland
by Nosferatu 17-Sep-12 4:06

William & Ellen Fox

5-Sep-12 12:58
Ireland XO Community , Wicklow 4 William Fox etc
by iparker11 30-Oct-12 2:04

William Anderson, Navy Captain

5-Sep-12 12:37
Ireland XO Community , Dublin 3 confirmed Emily Anderson 1826 Dublin St George marriage
by falcon 13-Sep-12 17:51

Seeking birth city of Lilliss

5-Sep-12 11:43
Ireland XO Community , Armagh (Armagh) , Armagh 2 Lilliss
by cynoconnor 12-Sep-12 10:48

Looking for a McCormack!

5-Sep-12 08:41
Ireland XO Community , Kilkenny 5 McCormack Kilkenny
by MacCormaic 26-Jul-13 23:57

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