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Are you coming to Ireland? If so, let us welcome you home like a local. It’s a free service – our many volunteers do this for fun and local pride!

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Searching for Riley Ancestors

11-Sep-12 16:10
Ireland XO Community , Ireland XO 2 Quakers in Ireland
by falcon 12-Sep-12 4:45

Tracing Silke family roots

11-Sep-12 13:04
Ireland XO Community , Clontuskert (Galway) , Galway 4 Hi Marie, 
by anne fahy 31-Jan-22 9:10

Tracing Anthony Gillespie born, Ballina January 1880

11-Sep-12 11:04
Ireland XO Community , Kilmoremoy (Mayo) , Mayo 19 I am a decendant my name is
by GILLYBEAN2012 7-Feb-14 15:30

Tracing Mitchell and Kennedy of Woodford

11-Sep-12 10:21
Ireland XO Community , Ireland XO 4 Mitchell/Kennedy enquiry
by Tynagh1 Galway 5-Feb-13 15:13

Reilly Costello Dublin

10-Sep-12 19:43
Ireland XO Community , Desertegny (Donegal) , Donegal 2 Please see earlier post. ?
by cynoconnor 21-Sep-12 14:14

Reilly Costello Dublin

10-Sep-12 19:42
Ireland XO Community , Desertegny (Donegal) , Donegal 4 Costello Dublin
by St Catherines Dublin 9-Nov-12 15:58

Augustine Fitzgerald

10-Sep-12 14:50
Ireland XO Community , Ireland XO 6  
by Caron 19-Jun-17 22:37

James Bourke of Annagh

10-Sep-12 14:02
Ireland XO Community , Murroe Boher (Limerick) , Limerick 3 Thank you very much, that
by david brown 13-Sep-12 21:19

Dillon-Fowler connection, Ohio & Illinois

10-Sep-12 03:27
Ireland XO Community , Limerick 2 Hi, ? I've forwarded your
by cynoconnor 24-Sep-12 9:58

Looking for Hansberry family

9-Sep-12 19:54
Ireland XO Community , Kilbeacanty (Galway) , Galway 31 Joy Glynn Bofshever,
by Margaret Hansberry 12-Sep-20 18:14

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