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Are you coming to Ireland in 2022? If so, let us welcome you home like a local. It’s a free service – our many volunteers do this for fun and local pride!

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6-Mar-12 12:00
Ireland XO Community , Derry 5 reply O'melia
by panda 10-Mar-12 2:51

Beamish Family

6-Mar-12 01:03
Ireland XO Community , Kilmaloda (Cork) , Cork 3 website
by panda 10-Mar-12 3:20

McHugo's and Ward's - mid 1800's

5-Mar-12 17:30
Ireland XO Community , Ballynakill (Roscommon) , Roscommon 2 McHugo's and Ward's - mid 1800's
by 6-Mar-12 15:27

McHugo's and Ward's from Galway - mid 1800's

5-Mar-12 17:27
Ireland XO Community , Galway 3 McHugo
by SpockNard 9-Jan-15 21:27

Ruhan & Lee ancestors who ended up in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

5-Mar-12 00:29
Ireland XO Community , Galway 6 Ruhan
by JudyBellHilt 12-Mar-12 14:09

Looking for SPILLANES of Cork City around 1800

4-Mar-12 20:28
Ireland XO Community , Cork 3 My great great grandfather is
by nka1886 11-Dec-14 4:09

Arthur McGuire, son of John and Mary(nee Clark) McGuire

4-Mar-12 19:01
Ireland XO Community , Cavan 9 Arthur Maguire (Cavan)
by Glangevlin Cavan 10-Oct-12 2:48

The Connors of Pallas, Portumna

4-Mar-12 03:45
Ireland XO Community , Ireland XO 4 Sinead, thank you for this, I
by Rosaline56 16-Mar-12 0:36

O'Brien/Cunningham in Clonfert

4-Mar-12 03:17
Ireland XO Community , Ireland XO 2 O'Brien/Cunningham in Clonfert
by 5-Mar-12 13:55


4-Mar-12 00:05
Ireland XO Community , Ireland XO 3 McCann
by kraven56 25-Oct-12 2:15

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