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Alexander McDowall (McDowell), sometimes Farmer/Mason, married Margaret McKibbon

2-Apr-20 21:19
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 1


2-Apr-20 20:39
Ireland XO Community, Enniskillen (Fermanagh) 5 Yes this is them... my Uncle said
by Linsi Marie 4-Apr-20 16:13

Patrick Leo

2-Apr-20 16:44
Ireland XO Community, Bruff (Limerick) 3 Hi Graham,
by Margot 3-Apr-20 10:09

John Fitzgerald Foster/Bridget Freeman Dublin/ Kingscourt, Co. Cavan

2-Apr-20 15:52
Ireland XO Community 1

Knockvelagh townland in Co. Tipperary in 17th century Does anybody know where it is located?

2-Apr-20 5:51
Ireland XO Community 5 Thanks to all who directed me to
by tarthur 3-Apr-20 5:52

Nicholas Flanagan & Rose Igo

2-Apr-20 5:37
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny West (Westmeath) 4 Thank you Roger and John for your
by Clare 3-Apr-20 7:03

Kerrigan, Noonan, Plover

2-Apr-20 5:06
Ireland XO Community 5 OK, thank you for replying! =)
by LL 6-Apr-20 2:17

Surnames McAlduff/McKilduff/McKelduff/M'Kilduff (cross-post)

1-Apr-20 23:29
Pomeroy (Tyrone), Tyrone 8 Thank you again Elwyn.  Your
by Jason 6-Apr-20 13:41

Surnames McAlduff/McKilduff/McKelduff/M'Kilduff

1-Apr-20 23:24
Ireland XO Community, Tyrone, Cappagh (Tyrone) 1

Mcdonoughs of Lough Corrib Oughterard

1-Apr-20 23:05
Ireland XO Community, Oughterard (Galway) 4  
by McCoy 2-Apr-20 11:21