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Seeking information on Martin Ferrell and Mary Jane Bell

21-Feb-21 20:51
Ireland XO Community, Antrim 8 Jenny,
by Elwyn 24-Feb-21 1:09

Jeremiah Clifford/Johanna Reidy... Tralee

21-Feb-21 18:32
Ireland XO Community, Kerry 6 Thank you Roger! That answers my
by Carolyn 25-Feb-21 15:31


21-Feb-21 18:08
Ireland XO Community, Addergoole (Mayo) 3 Moonraker:
by Castlemore Roscommon 21-Feb-21 19:04

Murdock - Sligo

21-Feb-21 16:20
Ireland XO Community, Sligo 3 Hi Roger,
by Karen 21-Feb-21 18:36

James Daniel of Killenaule married Mary Hogan of Mullinahone October 21,1811

21-Feb-21 15:36
Ireland XO Community, Cashel (Longford) 2 Murph,  Killenaule and
by Margot 24-Feb-21 11:08

Jeremiah Sullivan (Curraheen) married Honora Fitzgerald (Coumduff) 1877

21-Feb-21 14:21
Kerry, Annagh (Kerry) 3 Dear Roger thank you for your
by Linda Cipriano 22-Feb-21 12:53

Patrick O'Connor (Curraheen) married Ellen Hallinan (Tonavane) 1866 - 7 Children

21-Feb-21 14:01
Kerry, Annagh (Kerry) 1

Richard Barry Roche

21-Feb-21 13:36
Ireland XO Community 4 No, I have not taken a DNA test.
by Bill 23-Feb-21 0:44

Seeking information on David Glynn of Antrim...

21-Feb-21 4:46
Ireland XO Community 4 David,
by Elwyn 24-Feb-21 11:01

Keyes. Kayes. Keys. Denis Keyes & Catherine Lee

21-Feb-21 0:17
Ireland XO Community, Tipperary 9 Maureen:
by Castlemore Roscommon 27-Feb-21 15:08