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John Ireland, born abt 1752 County Antrim.....a Steel Boy!

12-Jun-19 19:53
Ireland XO Community, Antrim 5 Rose,
by Elwyn 14-Jun-19 6:51

Henry and Mary Ann May went to Canada

12-Jun-19 19:15
Ireland XO Community 1

Hannan Craglea

12-Jun-19 13:22
Ireland XO Community, Killaloe (Clare) 6 Hi John,
by Miriam 16-Jun-19 12:30

Colleran's of Annaghkeen

12-Jun-19 10:46
Ireland XO Community, Killursa (Galway), Ballinasloe (Galway), Roscommon (Roscommon) 1

Bridget Condron 1834 - 1916 - Sligo and Mullingar

12-Jun-19 8:32
Sligo, Mullingar (Westmeath) 2 For Volunteers, see related message
by Castlemore Roscommon 12-Jun-19 15:39

Looking for info about Owen McManamon and Honora McGinty married in 1853 Claggan, Ballycroy, Mayo

12-Jun-19 4:06
Ireland XO Community, Ballycroy (Mayo) 4 Tyler:
by Castlemore Roscommon 15-Jun-19 18:34

Hunting for McFarlands and Murrays

12-Jun-19 2:40
Ireland XO Community, Tyrone 2 MaryP,
by Elwyn 13-Jun-19 14:26

Looking for my Brophy/Kelly/ Lawlor family in the 1850-1870

12-Jun-19 1:12
Ireland XO Community 7 Yes, Tom and Jerry Schorn are my
by Hughes 17-Jun-19 1:41

Quinns in Drumhome

12-Jun-19 0:56
Ireland XO Community, Donegal, Drumhome (Donegal) 3 Hi Brooklyn!
by Castlemore Roscommon 13-Jun-19 17:54

Burnett / Regan

12-Jun-19 0:27
Roscommon 6 Teri,
by Miriam 14-Jun-19 18:40