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13-Aug-19 19:55
Wicklow 2 Hi Jason,
by Miriam 14-Aug-19 10:24

Parish Dunmore, townland Darrery

13-Aug-19 19:13
Ireland XO Community, Galway 3 Thank you kindly! I do appreciate
by hexagon2 18-Aug-19 15:21

Seeking location of "Moss-Hill Estate" and Townland in Kilmore Parish

13-Aug-19 18:00
Ireland XO Community, Kiltrustan (Roscommon), Kilmore (Roscommon) 4 Civil registration of deaths
by shanew147 15-Aug-19 14:57

Seeking McLaughlin info. 1864-1870 letters were from "Tubberpatrick"

13-Aug-19 17:46
Ireland XO Community, Roscommon, Kiltrustan (Roscommon) 2 see related post : Seeking location
by shanew147 14-Aug-19 12:00

Looking for Harkin/Gallagher from the Laghy or Dunfaghy area

13-Aug-19 16:25
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 4 I searched the free site www
by Castlemore Roscommon 15-Aug-19 16:12

Looking for Bambury of County Kerry

13-Aug-19 16:08
Ireland XO Community, Kerry, Listowel (Kerry) 4 Ellen:
by Castlemore Roscommon 14-Aug-19 17:54

Dougherty/Doherty/Dockerty Family

13-Aug-19 15:26
Ireland XO Community 2 Hi Jennifer,
by Miriam 16-Aug-19 12:33

The Carrolls and Quanes

13-Aug-19 3:59
Ireland XO Community, Knockainey (Limerick) 1

Drumcanon Co Cavan

13-Aug-19 1:36
Ireland XO Community 4 I am sorry I had his grandmothers
by Riley 19-Aug-19 0:29

Thomas Halligan

12-Aug-19 23:59
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny 3 I haven’t, but will try that.  
by Kate 14-Aug-19 15:15