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Moran and Carroll in Glendalough

6-Oct-19 6:32
Ireland XO Community, Wicklow 4 Hi Kayleen,
by Miriam 16-Oct-19 12:17

Searching for a James and Anne McCoy

6-Oct-19 6:18
Ireland XO Community, Louth, Ardee (Louth) 2 Hello Hughie, welcome to Ireland
by St Peters Louth 6-Oct-19 23:03

Hanley ancestors from Meath

6-Oct-19 4:24
Meath 6 Andrea:
by Castlemore Roscommon 14-Oct-19 18:46

Family Search for Samuel Smith 1748–1841

5-Oct-19 20:11
Ireland XO Community, St Andrews (Dublin) 5 Thanks for clarification. 
by Maggie May 11-Oct-19 1:10

Carney Family

5-Oct-19 17:15
Ireland XO Community, Galway 2 Volunteers: For background here is
by Castlemore Roscommon 5-Oct-19 17:45

Dublin Connolly, Murphy, Sheridan, Allen, McAffee

5-Oct-19 15:57
Ireland XO Community 3 Hi, sorry for delay in replying. (I
by Rabsi 12-Oct-19 11:57


5-Oct-19 10:56
Ireland XO Community, Inishmagrath (Leitrim), Inishmagrath 2 Andy:
by Castlemore Roscommon 5-Oct-19 13:23

John Leahy of Broad St. Charleville.

5-Oct-19 9:14
Kerry 1

Beattie family of Carnreagh

5-Oct-19 7:48
Ireland XO Community, Blaris (Down) 4 The RCB library tends to have
by Elwyn 7-Oct-19 13:00

Patrick Howley from Emlymoran emigrated to New York 1915

5-Oct-19 6:56
Ireland XO Community, Castleconor (Sligo) 2 Patrick:
by Castlemore Roscommon 5-Oct-19 13:09