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Neighboring Parishes??

28-Jun-20 13:00
Ireland XO Community, Tipperary 3 Thank you !! :-)
by hkftbl 28-Jun-20 17:35

Patrick McManus/Rose McManus and family Eniskillen 1820

28-Jun-20 1:08
Ireland XO Community, Fermanagh, Enniskillen (Fermanagh) 3 Patricia,
by Elwyn 28-Jun-20 9:36

Can someone locate "BALLANATEALEAGH" (Galway)?

27-Jun-20 19:50
Ireland XO Community 3 Thanks for the info. Mr. McDonnell.
by felixmerlin 28-Jun-20 20:10

Maher/Meagher Dunn/Dunne

27-Jun-20 18:49
Ireland XO Community, Kilkenny 4 Kathleen:
by Castlemore Roscommon 29-Jun-20 13:03


27-Jun-20 18:40
Bruff (Limerick) 1

Ahoghill and Craigs Church of Ireland Records

27-Jun-20 18:39
Ireland XO Community, Ahoghill (Antrim) 3 Thank you so much, Elwyn. 
by Evva 30-Jun-20 23:05

Richard Walsh/Catherine Power

27-Jun-20 18:05
Ireland XO Community, Trinity Without (Waterford) 3 Oh wow Roger, thank you. I had
by Kate 28-Jun-20 12:22


27-Jun-20 14:37
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 3 Thank you so much. I am debating
by gailfred 28-Jun-20 19:11


27-Jun-20 14:33
Ireland XO Community, Dromore (Down) 5 There’s a death for William Rodgers
by Elwyn 29-Jun-20 6:40

How do I find the Parish?

27-Jun-20 13:56
Ireland XO Community, Cork 3 Katherine:
by Castlemore Roscommon 27-Jun-20 14:56