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Martin family of Caheragh and surrounds

21-Apr-21 16:46
Ireland XO Community, Caheragh (Cork), Aghadown (Cork), Skull (Cork), Abbeystrowry (Cork) 2 local volunteer alerted
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 21-Apr-21 17:58

Marmion family of Skibbereen area

26-Sep-20 15:19
Ireland XO Community, Abbeystrowry (Cork) 5 Hello. Wow! Thank you! I know much
by Eugenie Sardo 3-Dec-20 16:17

Abbeystrowry Cemetery

1-Apr-20 19:03
Ireland XO Community, Abbeystrowry (Cork) 3  
by David 3-Apr-20 15:28

Major Robert Steele of Summer's Cove, near Kinsale

11-Aug-16 10:46
Abbeystrowry (Cork) 9 Hi I am a descendant of Sir
by Debbiesa 15-Sep-18 11:57

Griffith's Valuation

21-Mar-16 14:08
Abbeystrowry (Cork) 7 Frank,
by sdonovan27 2-Oct-17 12:08

Donovan Family

7-Mar-16 20:00
Abbeystrowry (Cork) 3 Roger,
by sdonovan27 8-Mar-16 14:40

Nicholas Cott

11-Jan-16 9:52
Abbeystrowry (Cork) 3 Anne, very many thanks.  This
by Reicott-Australia 12-Jan-16 9:29

Daniel Falvey Farmer Newmarket 1861

23-Aug-15 9:09
Abbeystrowry (Cork) 4 Helen:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 24-Aug-15 14:36

Family search

11-Oct-14 3:29
Abbeystrowry (Cork) 2 Dear Terry Welcome to Ireland
by Clare Doyle 15-Oct-14 11:29

Looking for my Irish ancestor

12-Jul-14 16:35
Abbeystrowry (Cork) 3 Lennon
by sharon.haggerty 15-Jul-14 22:25