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Hinch, McGuire, and maybe Doyle, Flynn, Murphy, Jags

21-Mar-20 17:47
Aghowle (Wicklow), Wicklow 3 Hi Ross:  And thanks for
by MRaycroft 23-Mar-20 18:34

Dagg/Dagge family

8-Feb-20 0:23
Ireland XO Community, Wicklow, Aghowle (Wicklow) 3 Hi Noeline,
by Sean 16-Jan-21 17:40

Matthew and Martin Kenny (Mary) of Crab Lane

22-Jan-19 0:58
Wicklow, Aghowle (Wicklow) 2 Is that your Martin marrying
by shanew147, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 25-Jan-19 15:33

Kenny family Crablane

11-Aug-17 11:14
Aghowle (Wicklow), Wicklow 4 Hi Roger and Kevin thank you
by Mark 12-Aug-17 12:24

Doyle's of Boley : Estate Papers Research

6-Jan-16 23:36
Aghowle (Wicklow), Wicklow 3 Hi mrrosshopkins@hotmail
by John Boy! 10-Jan-16 19:05

Hopkins of Strathnakelly, Ballard,

15-Jul-15 5:08
Aghowle (Wicklow), Wicklow 3 Hi again and sorry for such a long
by 27-Aug-16 20:17

Doyle's of Boley

2-Jul-15 13:21
Aghowle (Wicklow), Wicklow 7 My name is Kevin Lee. I am
by Kevin Carnew 10-Sep-15 19:25

Lost Family Members

15-Apr-13 4:05
Aghowle (Wicklow), Wicklow 2 Suggestion
by Emma Carty 27-May-13 12:22

St.Michael's Church, Aghold

13-Apr-13 5:59
Aghowle (Wicklow), Wicklow 2 St Michael's
by Michael Browne 18-Apr-13 15:59

Twamley Price

21-Feb-13 21:45
Aghowle (Wicklow), Wicklow 2 Twamleys Wicklow
by Michael Browne 18-Apr-13 15:48