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Are you coming to Ireland in 2022? If so, let us welcome you home like a local. It’s a free service – our many volunteers do this for fun and local pride!

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Gorman ancestry

15-Aug-20 2:54
Ireland XO Community, Ballinakill Derrybrien (Galway), Ballynakill Ballymoe (Galway), Ballynakill Ballynahinch (Galway), Ballynakill Killian (Galway), Ballynakill Leitrim (Galway), Galway 1

Martin Lydon

10-Aug-19 19:36
Ireland XO Community, Galway, Ballynakill Ballymoe (Galway) 1

Lally of Glenamaddy

17-Jun-19 16:25
Ireland XO Community, Galway, Glenamaddy (Galway), Ballynakill Ballymoe (Galway), Ballynakill Leitrim (Galway), Kilbennan (Galway) 1

William Finneran/Fineran, born 1825, possibly this parish

12-Oct-18 23:22
Ireland XO Community, Ballynakill Ballymoe (Galway), Galway 10 Roger,
by seafins 6-Jan-22 14:31

Lydon/Lyden and Conneely/Connelly

5-Aug-18 13:39
Ireland XO Community, Ballynakill Ballymoe (Galway), Galway 3 Wow I can not believe the
by campconn 6-Aug-18 12:19

Thomas William Murphy

27-Feb-16 6:43
Ballynakill Ballymoe (Galway), Galway 7 Thank you Roger, I did search but
by Shilo 17-Mar-16 4:36