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3-Jul-21 16:41
Ireland XO Community, Eglish (Offaly), Birr (Offaly), Meath, Offaly 3 Thanks Roger 
by Ricey68 8-Aug-21 11:34

Rice ancestry

28-Jun-21 9:27
Ireland XO Community, Offaly, Eglish (Offaly), Birr (Offaly) 5 Thanks much appreciated 
by Ricey68 28-Jun-21 18:21

Rigney Family - Mary Margaret and Patrick (Birr Offaly)

25-Jan-21 21:30
Offaly, Birr (Offaly) 9 A Thomas Rigney, 73, whose wife was
by Patricia 11-Jun-21 13:37

John and Mary Kitchen - Birr

26-Dec-20 1:05
Ireland XO Community, Birr (Offaly), Offaly 4 Thank you Patricia for the info
by Anthony Andrews 28-Dec-20 4:12

Cooke - Crinkill

6-Dec-20 1:26
Birr (Offaly), Offaly 7 Hello Lucy
by Margaret, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 8-Dec-20 21:17


12-Nov-20 21:15
Ireland XO Community, Birr (Offaly), Offaly 3 Hello   Margaret 
by Angela Hodge 18-Nov-20 18:52

Alice Fahey

25-Jul-20 9:09
Ireland XO Community, Birr (Offaly), Offaly 7 Hi Pat
by Margaret, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 30-Jul-20 17:47

Francis Lambert(e) Photography - Parsonstown, Carlow, and Nenagh

28-Feb-20 19:24
Ireland XO Community, Birr (Offaly), Carlow, Nenagh (Tipperary), Offaly, Tipperary 3 Very interesting! I really love
by MarkBreedlove 29-Dec-20 11:58


28-Feb-20 17:20
Birr (Offaly), Offaly 5 Hello
by Geraldine Buckley-Smith 21-Jun-20 23:04


9-Feb-20 0:26
Ireland XO Community, Birr (Offaly), Offaly 2 Hi Danny,
by Jim Vaughan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 12-Feb-20 0:01