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William McGrath

29-Apr-19 18:23
Ireland XO Community, Boyle (Roscommon) 5 OK. Keep in touch! Roger
by Castlemore Roscommon 30-Apr-19 18:00

Boyle Workhouse 3D Model

26-Feb-19 14:43
Ireland XO Community, Boyle (Roscommon), Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) 2 This is a fantastic rendering 
by Rua 27-Feb-19 3:17

Henry family Boot and shoemakers 1830-1850

17-Oct-18 14:18
Ireland XO Community, Boyle (Roscommon) 2 Gwenda,
by Elwyn 17-Oct-18 16:41

Looking for Hannon ancestors

30-May-18 21:40
Ireland XO Community, Boyle (Roscommon) 3 Hello Steve, Thank you so much for
by Shelly Blair 5-Jun-18 21:09

Searching for info on Cunningham Bar in Boyle

18-Jan-18 0:55
Ireland XO Community, Boyle (Roscommon) 2  
by Jane Halloran Ryan 22-Jan-18 11:49

Campbell’s of Boyle

14-Oct-17 7:28
Ireland XO Community, Boyle (Roscommon) 5 Fran:
by Castlemore Roscommon 18-Oct-17 17:18

Thomas McManus (1835-1916)

17-Aug-17 18:05
Boyle (Roscommon) 4 Peggy:
by Castlemore Roscommon 26-Aug-17 19:44


24-Jun-17 0:22
Boyle (Roscommon) 8
by Jill Hotchkiss 11-Jul-17 20:47

Fry / Mcdonagh

2-May-17 19:03
Boyle (Roscommon) 13 Aha ... the plot thickens!
by Rua 24-Oct-18 1:14

Delia Ryan or O'Ryan born in Boyle, Roscommon 1 Nov 1872

5-Mar-17 18:12
Boyle (Roscommon) 2 Joyce:
by Castlemore Roscommon 5-Mar-17 19:09