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McBride in Donegal

1-Jul-20 17:09
Ireland XO Community, Convoy (Donegal), Hillsborough (Down), Raphoe (Donegal), Donegal, Down 2 Mel:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 1-Jul-20 18:00

BAILIE/Sampson and COCHRANE,Mary

23-Mar-19 14:30
Ireland XO Community, Hillsborough (Down), Down 2 Hi charlesh,
by ixouser905743 26-Aug-20 7:41

HUNTER James, born about 1795, a Farmer. GGG Grandfather.

4-Aug-17 8:49
Hillsborough (Down), Down 5 James Hunter 
by Hunter 21-Nov-17 22:43

John Harper

30-Apr-17 7:56
Hillsborough (Down), Down 2 Jane,
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 30-Apr-17 11:27

BLACK, Agnes from County Down and NICKLE James from Armagh... searching for Parish and for Ancestors

17-Mar-16 20:08
Hillsborough (Down), Down 3 This is a duplicate post. However,
by saylesworth 19-Mar-16 18:22

Magill, Blundell Hill, Hillsborough

3-Feb-16 6:23
Hillsborough (Down), Down 5 I have additional information on
by ReidyB 25-Feb-17 4:53

James Good born 1814 possibly 1816

29-Jan-16 23:08
Hillsborough (Down), Down 3 Roger,
by MaryLou 31-Jan-16 14:55

Relatives of Margaret Burns daughter of Anthony Burns

2-Feb-15 23:22
Hillsborough (Down), Down 2 Burns
by Ahoghill Antrim 2-Feb-15 23:51

Looking for Catherine Murphy

23-Nov-13 2:18
Hillsborough (Down), Down 2 information
by cynoconnor 28-Jan-14 9:38

James Toman

7-Nov-13 2:43
Hillsborough (Down), Down 2 If you order a copy of the
by Ahoghill Antrim 7-Nov-13 8:09