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5-Oct-19 10:56
Ireland XO Community, Inishmagrath (Leitrim), Inishmagrath 3 Hi Andy, my husbands McFarlane
by Candy58 31-Oct-20 2:30

Location of relatives around 1911

11-Jan-19 15:47
Inishmagrath (Leitrim) 2 Susanne,
by Elwyn 11-Jan-19 16:29


16-Mar-18 0:12
Ireland XO Community, Inishmagrath (Leitrim) 4 Claire:
by Castlemore Roscommon 18-Mar-18 17:42

Mary Dowd

30-Sep-16 20:43
Inishmagrath (Leitrim) 4 Thanks.
by FortySixdriver 3-Oct-16 19:45

Patrick McFarlane and Bridget Smith

21-Apr-16 6:40
Ireland XO Community, Inishmagrath (Leitrim) 5 Thanks for that Clare.  So far
by Candy58 6-May-16 3:11

Rent books for Glackaunadarragh 1820s-1840s?

2-Apr-16 5:49
Inishmagrath (Leitrim) 4 Hi Roger, thanks for your message.
by iainlayden 3-Apr-16 5:49

John Higgins and Catherine Flynn

22-Mar-16 23:58
Inishmagrath (Leitrim) 2 Hi Ann
by St Peters Louth 23-Mar-16 13:09

Francis Layden / Glackaunadarragh?

15-Feb-16 17:05
Inishmagrath (Leitrim) 4 Sorry, I did read your earlier
by Clare Doyle 16-Mar-16 14:58

Inishmagrath/Bargowla surnames

15-Oct-15 0:03
Inishmagrath (Leitrim) 2 Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!
by Castlemore Roscommon 15-Oct-15 1:28

Peter McPartland, Michael Wrenn

13-Jun-15 23:04
Inishmagrath (Leitrim) 4 Richard:
by Castlemore Roscommon 20-Jun-16 20:50