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Looking for Richey Family History

29-Nov-14 20:10
Inver (Donegal) 2 Richey Family
by Castlemore Roscommon 29-Nov-14 20:28


2-Nov-14 5:11
Inver (Donegal) 4 Kelly
by Ahoghill Antrim 3-Nov-14 8:48

Visting Ireland in 2014== April/May

1-Nov-14 23:10
Inver (Donegal) 2 Dear Dawn Welcome to Ireland
by Clare Doyle 4-Nov-14 14:38


11-Aug-14 12:22
Inver (Donegal) 2 Donegal Ancestors
by Clare Doyle 18-Aug-14 11:33

Townland in the Parish of Inver

27-Apr-14 8:26
Inver (Donegal) 2 Inver PArish
by Clare Doyle 28-Apr-14 8:32

Edwards Cannon

13-Mar-14 4:15
Inver (Donegal) 3 There is a Facebook group
by rm1978 13-Mar-14 20:59

Glancy and Canon Families Pre-1855

29-Jan-14 21:17
Inver (Donegal) 4 Derryhirk
by kkeenan 9-Mar-14 20:45

Birth/marrigae/death record

23-Dec-13 20:44
Inver (Donegal) 6 Roger, ? Thank you so much
by dawnlord 3-Jan-14 14:14

Dorrians of Casheloogary, Drumlaghtafin and Mountcharles

11-Nov-13 21:47
Inver (Donegal) 6 Jason,
by Bob 19-Sep-16 1:33

Kennedy and Blake of Letterfad

10-Nov-13 1:15
Inver (Donegal) 3 Edward Blake
by timblake 30-Jan-14 21:17