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Are you coming to Ireland? If so, let us welcome you home like a local. It’s a free service – our many volunteers do this for fun and local pride!

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O'Briens of Abington

4-Oct-22 21:39
Ireland XO Community , Abington (Limerick) , Limerick 2 GDickey:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 5-Oct-22 14:47

October Bank Holiday 2022

4-Oct-22 14:44
Ireland XO Community 4 Hi Shane!
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 4-Oct-22 19:08

Need Assistance in Tracking My 3rd Great Grandfather Richard Work in Donegal

4-Oct-22 14:04
Ireland XO Community 3 Hi Roger,
by Tim 5-Oct-22 1:49

Wray of Galloon

4-Oct-22 13:28
Ireland XO Community , Galloon (Fermanagh) , Fermanagh 9 I really do appreciate all you
by Barlykins 5-Oct-22 7:25

Agnes Seymour Douglas and Susan Douglas

4-Oct-22 00:15
Ireland XO Community 4 gale,
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 5-Oct-22 7:28

Brick Wall with the Lynch Family in Cavan

3-Oct-22 19:33
Ireland XO Community 2 Jerry:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 3-Oct-22 21:19

Edward P Galligan

3-Oct-22 19:05
Ireland XO Community 1

Cloury Or Clowry Genealogy Line

3-Oct-22 03:24
Ireland XO Community , Carlow 3 Thank you so very much!  
by Sftwind1 5-Oct-22 1:51

Behan's of Tyrrellspass

2-Oct-22 21:55
Ireland XO Community , Clonfad (Westmeath) , Newtown (Westmeath) , Sligo , Dublin , Galway , Westmeath , Westmeath 2 Joe:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 3-Oct-22 0:13

Murphy's born in Duagh County Kerry

2-Oct-22 20:47
Ireland XO Community , Duagh (Kerry) , Kerry 3 Thank you I will check that ou
by Phaefner 3-Oct-22 22:54

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