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Gavaghan/McGuinn/Kilbride/Conroy hoping to find more about my Grand Parents

13-Nov-19 14:03
Ireland XO Community, Kilbeagh (Roscommon) 3 Thank you for this quick response
by MartyG 14-Nov-19 19:16

Burke / Brett / Mulligan / Morley of Cloonaweema , Charlestown , Kilbeagh Parish Info

25-Apr-19 8:58
Ireland XO Community, Mayo, Kilbeagh (Roscommon) 2 Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!
by Castlemore Roscommon 25-Apr-19 16:30

Dominick and Bridget Gallagher

11-Aug-18 8:16
Ireland XO Community, Kilbeagh (Roscommon), Mayo, Ardcarn (Roscommon) 18 The Bridget Gallagher who became
by Maggie May 15-Aug-18 23:05

Looking for my great-grandmother's siblings

25-Mar-18 17:54
Ireland XO Community, Kilbeagh (Roscommon) 3 I found Joannes McGuire (3 June
by Robert Blanford 26-Mar-18 19:33

Need help reading/translating marriage record...

7-Aug-17 4:42
Kilbeagh (Roscommon) 3 I'm not sure exactly what is stated
by kevin45sfl 7-Aug-17 23:42

Curagoola or Curgooly or something like that????

1-Aug-17 5:58
Kilbeagh (Roscommon) 4 Thank you both!  
by PJBstamper 2-Aug-17 5:29

Kilcoyne Family in Charlestown

12-May-17 20:44
Kilbeagh (Roscommon) 15 Seamus, if you'd rather contact me
by Jill 7-Jul-17 17:16

Breheny Ancestors Carracastle

3-Oct-16 10:16
Kilbeagh (Roscommon) 5 Please let me also add my thanks
by RoseOfThePlains 8-Sep-17 11:16

Kilbeagh Egan and Harrington mystery (McNulty, Walsh)

29-Jul-16 21:41
Kilbeagh (Roscommon) 3 There is a marriage between Mary
by Tommy 18-Mar-18 5:35

Egans of Lecarrow/ Mulligans of Lurga/ Fitzgeralds of Gowell/ McDonnells of Gortanure (Palmfield)/ Gallaghers of Lavey and Kate Regan (unknown)

11-Apr-16 23:05
Kilbeagh (Roscommon) 8 Message to Brendan O'Donnell -
by Linda Rooney Hess 7-Oct-16 17:04